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[OOC Dyne] "Fuzz is an actual term?"
[OOC Endinus] "Technical term too"
[OOC Twilight] "yes"
[OOC Twilight] "    Partially randomizes the value sent and returns the result.  The return"
[OOC Twilight] "    value will be of the same type, int or float, as the 'value' argument"
[OOC Twilight] "    passed."
[OOC Twilight] "    The 'factor' argument determines to what degree the value passed should"
[OOC Twilight] "    be "fuzzed".  The default, 0.5, indicates that a result between 'value' *"
[OOC Twilight] "    0.5 and 'value' * 1.5 is desired.  A 'factor' of 0.1 would indicate that"
[OOC Twilight] "    a result between 'value' * 0.9 and 'value' * 1.1 is desired."
[OOC Dyne] "Heh, so a random variable generated by a centered range?"
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