Lightning Bug (Empathic Bond)

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Bonding Requirements

A meager amount of insect lore, 37 at most, maybe a small amount less.

Known Abilities

Appears to be a Carnivore. Does not have night vision.

Attribute Bonuses

A Zetesis who has bonded to a lightning spider obtains bonuses to hir Intellect, Vitality, Agility, Willpower and Perception.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Find Weakness 16 75 + 10% base
Torture 16 75 + 10% base
Cold Tolerance 12 60
Earth Resistance 12 60
Empathy 12 60
Heat Tolerance 12 60
Lightning Affinity 12 60
Pain Tolerance 12 60
Precision Strike 12 60
Traps 12 60
Void Resistance 12 60
Combat Reflexes 11 55
Psychokinesis 11 55
Balance 8 40
Climbing 8 40
Dodge 8 40
Eskara Resistance 8 40
Killer Instinct 8 40
Plains Fieldcraft 8 40
Aeroturgy 7 35
Spelunking 7 35
Anatomy 6 30
Escape 4 20
Exoma Fieldcraft 4 20
Fire Resistance 4 20
Intimidation 4 20
Light Resistance 4 20
Quickness 4 20
Wyrding 4 20


Shortly after:

At "somewhat frail" bond strength:

Combat Maneuvers/Special Attacks

At the middle of "somewhat frail" bond strength, Web of lightning You gesture with your feathery right hand, and a web of lightning spins toward the off-white-skinned male human, catches him in a fair part of the web and shocks his chest, right arm, right leg and right foot. (Appears to do electrical damage at the cost of SP. Telesmatic Weapon/Air Affinity add to attack rating.) - Note that this is not a webbing attack (it will not restrain your opponent), and that lightning-based attacks will tend to burn up any webbing on the target.

At the start of "very healthy" bond strength, Webspin You spin a mass of spidersilk webbing from your feathery right hand at the black-mottled brown male skaven, further ensnaring him. (Appears in most respects to be fairly identical to the arachnid webspin maneuver.)

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