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The Ygelyek Race

   Rarity: Very Rare
   Plural: Ygelyeku
   Anatomy: Eight-Pseudopodded Columnar
   Sexes: Neuter
   Harm Skills:
       Qlippotic Lore  80%
       Anatomy         20%
   No specific help is available for this race.
This thing resembles a half-burnt brown candle, oozing eight pseudopods
and having a single white eye in the middle.  An intensely bitter odor hangs
about it.  This is a ygelyek, one of a race of demonic beings often called the
Handmaidens of Ygelleth, being chosen servants of the Demon Queen of Spiders;
no independent groups of ygelyek are known to exist, only those who serve the
    It looks about three and seven tenths dimins across and fourteen dimins
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