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This article is about the Firelizard race. For the Firelizards as empathically bonded familiars, see Firelizard (Empathic Bond).

The Firelizard Race

   Rarity: Very Rare
   Plural: Firelizards
   Anatomy: Clawed Winged Quadruped
   Sexes: Male, Female
   Harm Skills:
       Animal Lore  61%
       Anatomy      31%
       Arcane Lore   4%
       Legend Lore   4%

Firelizards are tiny cousins of dragons and drakes, somewhat more intelligent than the latter but lacking the formidable minds of the former. Like their relatives, they are known for their ability to breathe fire or stranger substances, though the latter capacity appears to be relatively rare in firelizards.

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