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Rarity: Special
   Plural: Skeletons
   Collective Term: an ossuary of skeletons
   Anatomy: Skeletal Anthropoid
   Sexes: Neuter
   Harm Skills:
       Mortuary  89%
       Anatomy   11%

   No specific help is available for this race.

   Development Information: The skeleton race was created by Lost Souls; the
source code was last updated Thu Sep 28 13:12:10 2023.
  • Flaming

This creature is an animated skeleton which is enveloped in fire. The fire does not seem to actually burn the skeleton, but rather, appears to be a part of it. It has a few thin wisps of sparkling light within and around it. It looks about seventeen dimins tall, five and a quarter dimins wide and one and three tenths dimins long. It is in good shape.

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