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This is a female tuatha with pearlescent skin, light brown hair, and blue
eyes.  Flowing light brown hair cascades from her head to her waist.  Her
intense blue eyes give her a gentle look.  Across her right eye she bears a
horrible scar that contracts her otherwise perfect features.  Her lips are
curled into a slight snarl, which emphasizes a look of impatience.  Any bare
pearlescent skin has severe scarring, mounds of tissue that almost shines.
The presence of such physical abuse is proof of her physical prowess and an
indication that there aren't many battles she has lost.  She is permeated by a
dim sparkling light.  She has a few thin wisps of surging radiance and a
tracery of pearlescent light within and around her.
    She looks about eighteen and a half dimins tall, three and seventeen
twentieths dimins wide, and nineteen twentieths of a dimin front to back.
    She is in good shape.
    She wields a mithril spear in her hands.  She wears a misty bodysuit of
the skies on her body and a small violet-amethyst-set silver anklet on her
right ankle.
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