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   Rarity: Unusual
   Plural: Minotauroi
   Anatomy: Tailed Anthropoid
   Harm Skills:
       Anatomy       25%
       Intimidation  17%
       Legend Lore   17%
       Animal Lore   10%
       Politics      10%
       Empathy        7%
       Law            7%
       Torture        7%

The race of minotaurs is an ancient and honorable one, with a traditional code of behavior, the Rote of Theseus, running back thousands of years. Theseus is a legendary human hero of the ancient Graecan civilization who, in the course of his travels, came upon a tribe of savage minotaurs who captured him and his companions. Rather than serving the heroic human up on a spit, however, they listened to his impassioned speeches, soon coming to see him as a glorious prophet. He delivered to them the Rote, a strict writ governing many aspects of their lives, and continued on his journeys, leaving that first tribe (whose name is lost in the mists of time) to spread their new faith. In less than a hundred years every minotaur tribe was following, to a greater or lesser degree, the Rote of Theseus.

Physically, a minotaur resembles a huge, dark-skinned, muscular human with the head of a bull upon its shoulders. That head bears a pair of long, sharp horns which minotaurs use in combat, along with their massive fists, to great effect. They are not outstandingly fast, not as large and strong as half-ogres and yeti, but hold their own against such opponents thanks to their intelligence, which is of a level superior to such folk, and the well-known keenness of their senses.

Intellectually, minotaurs are somewhat uptight and stuffy, usually adhering very strictly to the Rote, which demands honorable, forthright, honest, and fair behavior of them at all times. All minotaurs are given instruction in literacy at an early age, that they may read the Rote for themselves. Interestingly, these folk display a particular affinity for mazes; their minds are particularly adept at solving and navigating them, and they often choose such environs to dwell within. They are aided in these endeavors by a fair degree of nightvision ability. Minotaurs do not limit themselves to a single habitat, though, taking to surface dwellings, subterranean abodes, and seafaring with equal facility.

The bull-men have a longstanding affinity for kentaurs, and speak the same language as them, the Kentos tongue; they also hold humans in a certain reverence for being the race to bear their prophet Theseus, and respect garou for their sense of honor, even if it is not as carefully enumerated and codified as their own. They bear a deep-seated enmity toward urgai, bogualu, and all their relatives, though, including niedrisi and yeti, and have aided the humans, danaan, thondur, and others as staunch (if not particularly numerous) allies in the perennial wars against such races. They live long lives, nearly two hundred years in many cases, but a correspondingly long gestation period and time to maturity keeps their numbers low. The highly structured nature of their minds seems to hinder their ability to learn new things somewhat, but they would never consider abandoning their traditions.

 /---------------------------- The Minotaur Race -----------------Start-------\
 | Attributes                Strength                 70 to 130     90        |
 |                           Intellect                25 to  90     46        |
 |                           Vitality                 80 to 130     96        |
 |                           Agility                  20 to  80     40        |
 |                           Willpower                40 to 110     63        |
 |                           Ego                      25 to  95     43        |
 |                           Perception               25 to  90     46        |
 |                           Size                    110 to 130    117        |
 | Points                                                          148        |
 | Typical Sexes                                      Male                    |
 |                                                    Female                  |
 | Sex Variation in          Female                   Strength Min -10        |
 | Attributes                                         Strength Max -10        |
 |                                                    Vitality Min +10        |
 |                                                    Vitality Max +10        |
 |                                                    Willpower Min +10       |
 |                                                    Willpower Max +10       |
 |                                                    Perception Min -10      |
 |                                                    Perception Max -10      |
 | Languages                 Native                   Kentos                  |
 | Resistances               Temporal                 strong resistance       |
 | Traits                    Abstraction              Yes                     |
 |                           Dreaming                 Yes                     |
 |                           Euphasia                 Yes                     |
 |                           Sentience                Anthropic               |
 |                           Assimilativity           -3                      |
 |                           Genetic Integrity        -2                      |
 |                           Night vision             1                       |
 | Cultures and Homelands    Almerian Wildling        Almeria                 |
 |                           Freeholder               Freehold                |
 |                           Losthavener              Losthaven               |
 |                           Lowlander                Halfmoon Bay            |
 |                                                    Sanctuary               |
 |                           Mycenaean                Mycenae                 |
 |                           Talantonite              the Shadow Tower        |
 | Physical Characteristics  Anatomy                  Tailed Anthropoid       |
 |                           Natural Weaponry         Superb                  |
 |                           Other                    Bestial                 |
 |                                                    Chimeric                |
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