The Restless Dead

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Standard Information

Rumors of evil happenings around Corna's graveyard have made the townsfolk somewhat uneasy. Although well-armed soldiers have turned up nothing in their investigation, the rumors still spread throughout the town like a disease. Mayor Johnson, convinced that this unrest has been caused intentionally, has requested that all talk of such things stop. However, for the seasoned adventurers, such rumors are worth checking out.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Seven
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Four
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Ten
   This quest was created by Steel.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

This quest begins by going to the tavern/cafe in Corna and saying 'rumors' to the crowd there. You can get more information about Katelyn, Greyson, Nysalor, Necrolak, etc. by saying the queues from the stuff he talks about. When you're done reading up on the information there, go to the graveyard (2w, 2n from eastern Corna entrance) and on the west side is a gravedigger.

Say "lost" to him. He will respond with a clue to the item he has lost. Say "glove" and he will give another hint as to what happened to his glove.

Go to the farthest west side of Corna, go 1 east and 1 north to an area with a trash mound. Search the trash and a raptorak will attack you. Defeat him and search the trash again for a hat and the leather glove the gravedigger needs.

Go back to the gravedigger and give him the glove. He will get excited and drop his boots of dexterity that you can keep as a side reward. He will then speak of a treasure buried near the graves in that room. 'Search area' and you will discover the Greyson zombie and it will attack you. Kill the zombie and it will leave behind the sword of undead slaying and the key to the mausoleum that Necrolak is in.

Then, go to Katelyn Flamestaff on the east side of the graveyard and say "key". She will then ask you to verify that Necrolak is truly there by unlocking the door and going in the area. Say "yes" and then she will enchant you with her sight through you.

Go unlock the door and open it. As you go north, the door will lock immediately and Necrolak will start draining you. Do "pull chain" six times to open the door and escape before Necrolak kills you. (Be aware the chain may get "stuck"; it takes six successful pulls to open the door.)

Once you've done that, go back to Katelyn and she will mention that Runehand used to have a chisel of shattering. Say "yes" and go to Runehand. Say "chisel" and Runehand will tell you to go find Diamar for the chisel.

Diamar can be either immediately east of Runehand or in her house on the southeast side of Corna. Say "chisel" and she'll drop the chisel for you.

Pick up the chisel and make sure to have it identified to get the syntax to use it. Go back to Necrolak's room and "shatter gem with chisel". Nysalor must be present and alive when you do this, or else you won't get quest progress. --Marcosy

Go back to Katelyn and she will port to Necrolak's room to cast a spell and needs you there. Go back to Necrolak's room to assist.

Nysalor and Katelyn will attack Necrolak with you. Upon entering, close the door so the Necrolak cannot flee out, and kill the Necrolak before Nysalor dies (Necrolak either cannot die, or the quest cannot complete, unless Nysalor is alive and in room with Necrolak).

Defeat Necrolak and the quest will complete.

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