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Rarity: Very Exotic
Plural: Dakshina
Collective Term: a troop of dakshina
Anatomy: Four-Armed Anthropoid
Sexes: Female
Harm Skills:
    Anatomy   56%
    Theology  44%
The dakshina are a little-seen race of fierce demonic warrior beings -- only females ever having being reported --
who appear, as a culture, to exclusively serve Kali. On the rare occasions where they have appeared, or
remained on the scene, for any purpose other than battle, they have garnered a reputation for an appetite for
revelry as intense and insatiable as that they have for combat.
It would cost you 200 lux to make a character of this race.
Development Information: The dakshin race was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Thu Mar 19 07:08:38 2020.

This is a dakshin with violet skin, bright red hair, and scarlet eyes. She has a tracery of sparkling light within and around her. She looks about twenty-two and a half dimins tall, seven and a tenth dimins wide and one and three quarters dimins long. She is in good shape. Her movements are extremely quick. She wields an obsidian kris sword in her right upper hand, an obsidian kris dagger in her left upper hand, an obsidian spine dagger in her left lower hand and an obsidian spine dagger in her right lower hand. She wears a large black silk sarong on her legs, a large black silk shawl around her shoulders, a large black silk sari around her body and a large black silk veil on her head.

Her limbs are named head, right upper arm, left upper arm, right upper hand, left upper hand, chest, right lower arm, left lower arm, right lower hand, left lower hand, right leg, left leg, right foot and left foot. The violet-skinned dakshin was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Mon Nov 23 15:34:58 2009. The dakshin race was created by Chaos and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Tue Nov 24 12:29:15 2009.

/----------------------------------------------------------- The Dakshin Race ------------------------------------------------------------------------\
| Attributes                 Strength                                                                      50 to 150                                  |
|                            Intellect                                                                     30 to  90                                  |
|                            Vitality                                                                      50 to 150                                  |
|                            Agility                                                                       70 to 180                                  |
|                            Willpower                                                                     40 to 100                                  |
|                            Ego                                                                           30 to 100                                  |
|                            Perception                                                                    30 to 100                                  |
|                            Size                                                                          69 to 124                                  |
| Typical Sexes                                                                                            Female                                     |
| Languages                  Native                                                                        Archaen                                    |
| Specialty Access           Chaos Affinity, Killer Instinct, Quickness, and Qlippotic Affinity            available: degree X, bonus: degree II      |
|                            Carousing, Dancing, Erotic Arts, Eructation, Jumping, Order Resistance, and   available: degree VIII, bonus: degree II   |
|                            Sephirotic Resistance                                                                                                    |
|                            Climbing                                                                      available: degree IV, bonus: degree I      |
|                            Regeneration and Supernal Durability                                          available: degree III, required: degree I  |
| Resistances                Temporal                                                                      near-total resistance                      |
| Traits                     Abstraction                                                                   Yes                                        |
|                            Dreaming                                                                      Yes                                        |
|                            Euphasia                                                                      Yes                                        |
|                            Sentience                                                                     Anthropic                                  |
|                            Assimilativity                                                                -20                                        |
|                            Diet                                                                          Carnivore                                  |
|                            Regrowth                                                                      1                                          |
|                            Algolagnia                                                                    2                                          |
|                            Night Vision                                                                  1                                          |
|                            Respiration                                                                   Aqualung                                   |
|                            Algopoeia                                                                     4                                          |
| Cultures and Homelands     Kalinagara                                                                    Kalinagar                                  |
| Physical Characteristics   Anatomy                                                                       Four-Armed Anthropoid                      |
|                            Natural Armour                                                                Heavy                                      |
|                            Natural Weaponry                                                              Excellent                                  |
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