Collegium Magistrorum

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[OOC Twilight] [-< Collegium Magistrorum >-]

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[OOC Twilight] Collegium Magistrorum is the esoteric bond shared by all those who have

[OOC Twilight] held the office of Archmagus. Its properties are not believed to be fully

[OOC Twilight] understood, but it is known that its members are able to communicate with one

[OOC Twilight] another at will, find the limits of their insight into magery expanded, and

[OOC Twilight] continue to be able to sense the office of Archmagus changing holders even if

[OOC Twilight] they cease the practice of magick.

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[OOC Twilight] The Collegium communication channel is accessible via the commands

[OOC Twilight] 'collegium' and 'assoc'.

Assoc of former holders of the office of Archmagus

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