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[-< The Archmagus >-]

You have been chosen to hold the office of Archmagus, an honor thought to reflect your status as, in some sense, the greatest wielder of magick in the world. Your selection as Archmagus was carried out by unknown forces, but nonetheless you are as certain of it as of your own existence.

As Archmagus, you have become a part of Collegium Magistrorum, the bond shared by all who have held this office. See 'help Collegium Magistrorum' for more information.

It is widely suspected that the significance of being the Archmagus is not fully understood, but one thing is certain: the Archmagus is able to treat the spiritual energy of every other initiate mage in the world as hir personal reserves. To use this capability, concentrate on drawing power into yourself. Spiritual energy will be drained from other mages, more from those nearer to you, and added to your stores. There are a number of nuances to the operation of this power, such as that it does not cross planar boundaries, some magicians appear to be immune, and it draws more power from mages with high spiritual reserves and much less from those whose energies are depleted. Also notable is that the sensation of being spiritually drained is normally quite clearly perceptible to those affected.


  • The selection criteria for the office are largely unknown, but are generally suspected to either completely consist of or be heavily weighted towards the candidate's total magickal skills. Whether certain magickal skills are weighted differently, or whether additional criteria (such as esoteric energy pools) are included is currently unknown and untested.
  • There is no known way for an Archmagus to voluntarily relinquish the office aside from going inactive (as discussed below), nor is there any known way for a potential candidate to exclude oneself from eligibility, aside from becoming wholly ineligible from holding the office by leaving any affiliation which would make one eligible.
  • Since the spirit drain power is documented to affect those in the "initiate mage" category, it is largely presumed that only those who are in affiliations in both the initiate and magician category are eligible for the office.
  • If an Archmagus goes inactive (more than 20 days without logging in, which comes out to a leave of absence of 32 in-game days), a new Archmagus will be selected from amongst the pool of eligible candidates who are logged in when the office transfers. In practice, this means that relatively low-level and unskilled magi have on occasion held the office for a short period of time. Presumably, the same mechanic would be in play if an active Archmagus died permanently, retired, or otherwise became ineligible to hold the office.
  • Members of Ordo Ignis Aeternis receive a +100 bonus to all spell ratings while they hold the office of Archmagus.
  • Members of the Aligned who have also been the Archmagus in the past have access to a form which allows teleportation to the current officeholder.
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