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There's an Aristeia guild in a temple. You can get to it from everywhere. It's pretty great.

Maybe check out the book.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.



You may join Aristeia from Homer located in the Temple of Aristes.

   You say, "I devote myself to Aristes"
   You sense a presence settling into your memory, looking to filter and siphon a small portion of your experience for itself.

   You are now a second-degree specialist in athleticism, memory, pain tolerance, and showmanship. [event logged]
   You are now a fourth-degree specialist in legend lore. [event logged]
   You are now a sixth-degree specialist in tenacity. [event logged]

Minimum Specialty Points required are 8 WIL, 6 INT, 2 EGO, 2 STR.

Joining appears to cause a -1 to Assimilativity.

Unknown rejoin cooldown time length until corrected.


If there is a rejoin cooldown time it's less than 2 months (left Jan 28th 2019, rejoined March 25th 2019)

You'll have all your previous achievements and ranks, plus the defined/adopted achievements you had when you left.

Achievement Selection

You can access your current list of achievements via: think about my achievements.

You can adopt an achievement, setting it as active, via: will myself to adopt the achievement $*. To remove it, will myself to cease adopting the achievement $*.

You can exemplify an achievement, setting it as active, via: will myself to deeply exemplify the achievement $*. To remove it, will myself to cease exemplifying the achievement $*.

You can get additional information on each individual achievement via: think about my achievement $*.

You can get your list of active achievements via: think about my active achievements.

Achievement Effects and Development

Achievements generally affect how your attack, damage, dodge and deflection values are calculated by increasing the ratios on how specific skills related to the achievement are calculated. Some achievements may only take effect during specific events as outlined in its individual help information (such as being poisoned, in a specific combat mode, and so forth).

Achievements will normally have to be set as 'active' (from adoption or exemplification) for their primary effects of rating calculation to take place.

The only known difference between adopting and exemplification of an achievement is the amount of time before you can swap active achievements. Adoption requiring a three minute cool-down, while exemplification requires 3 hours. This means you may have up to six achievements active at any given moment, and may switch up to three of them within ten minutes time.

Not all achievements affect the same combat ratings, some may just give discharge rating increases or only damage, attack, or dodge ... etcetera.

Not all achievements which affect combat ratings appear to give the same skill weight ratios, at rank one a achievement may only add a fraction of its related skill while another might add a larger portion. The way the ratio develops as the achievement progresses is also different.

All achievements appear to develop from combat, and at different rates of progression.

Some achievements will grant specialty access in its related skills.

Some achievements appear to give bonus specialties even when not selected active, so it could be worth-while to develop them for free specialty points.

Achievements have a maximum rank of 100.

You can find a list of known achievements here: Aristeia Achievements.

Player Recommended Achievement Builds and Setups

players take it from here - Starhound

A lot of achievements require use of artifact weapons, it might be beneficial to pick ones you like out and use them when able.

End of spoiler information.

Submit any bugs or typos here: Issues/Suggestions

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