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Portals connecting the Temple of Aristes to various regions of Aedaris. All portals have the writing "AIEN ARISEUEIN" when viewed from the Aedaris side.

Top Floor:

Shadowy teal "LIATHUR" (north): 12, -13, 0 in Liathyr

Shadowy green "MOSPELIEIMOS" (northeast): -8, 33, 0 in Gardagh near Muspelheim (go 1se to reach entrance)

Shadowy yellow "DIXOMENE" (east): 1w of the intersection of Northshore and Bayview roads in Halfmoon Bay

Shadowy orange "XINTATLAIA" (southeast): 3n, w from the entrance in Xintatlaa

Shadowy red "HUPOHUDORIA" (south): 23, -25, 0 in the Surdassic Sea near Et'zlaerhi

Shadowy pink "MYSENAE" (southwest): 1s of the intersection of Emerald and Onyx streets in Mycenae

Shadowy purple "ION" (west): 24, 5, 0 in Andala near Jhan

Shadowy blue "DUSKORDIA" (northwest): 5, 24, 1 in Cimbra near the Temple of Discordia

Middle Floor:

Pearlescent teal "OPON LEAION" (north): -4, 3, 0 in Leah's Hill

Pearlescent green "KAMELON" (northeast): 7, -8, 0 in Avalon near Camelot (go 2s, 7w) and Devonshire (go 10sw, 3w)

Pearlescent yellow "KAMILE" (east): 1w of the intersection of Rachel and Green streets in Camille

Pearlescent orange "TEMENOS" (southeast): Intersection of Red and Temple streets in Sanctuary

Pearlescent red "LAXKALAION" (south): -16, 9, -2 in Tetlacana near Tlaxcala (-19, 10, -2)

Pearlescent pink "ANOME" (southwest): -1, 1, 0 in Hanoma

Pearlescent purple "KORNE" (west): 34, 23, 0 in Andala near Corna

Pearlescent blue "APOBOLIMEN" (northwest): Intersection of Copper Street and the dirty alley in Losthaven

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