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The land of the Eldjotun can be found in a hollowed out non-active volcano on the island region of Gardagh.



Muspelheim is located at (-7, 32, 0) in Gardagh (Global: (155, 194, 0)).

Important Coordinates

Exit/Entrance: 5, 5, 2

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Eldgrundir - the king, sits on an obsidian throne in the center of the largest room, 4th floor down (-1, 2, -1). Wields a granite warhammer and a tower shield, and wears a full suit of adamantite plate armour with a fiery crown. Ususally has other jotnar around him that will come to his aid.
  • Muurdin - ruthless warrior, she roams around the southern area of the bottom floor, typically soldiers roam all around her. Wields a giant lodestone mace and an obsidian sword, wears a full suit of adamantite plate armour
  • Harkaag the Storyteller - he's the only jotun who seems interested in talking, speaks Norska only. He wears two rings, one aluminum, one platinum. Located on the first floor, but in the hidden section that requires traveling to the third floor before coming back up. (-5, 1, 2)
  • Logi - appears to be a beastmaster of sorts. Has several elemental flames around him at all times. Wanders around the 2nd floor in the SW cavern.


  • Area alignment: Evil / Ordered
  • Guards assist:
  • Jotnar in the same square will assist other jotnar.
  • Amongst the jotnar are slaves, very weak, carry iron weapons and almost nothing else.
  • There are 4 classifications of jotnar here, all are non-hostile unless attacked, and will not chase the player. Appearingly the jotnar are ordered and neutral, as attacking them does not seem to change morality, but it does bring you from ordered to chaotic the more jotnar you slay. In order of difficulty from weakest to strongest they are:
    • Commoner - typically carries a food or drink item, a simple weapon and a clothing item.
    • Trader - has a variety of items, sometimes as little as what a commoner carries, sometimes pibrits, potions, or figurines.
    • Scholar - typically carries 1-2 potions, a scroll, and a giant blackwood staff. Also has pibrits of all standard colors.
    • Soldier - usually has a tower shield and obsidian greataxe, making them difficult to hit. Normally not much worth looting, gives relatively the same amount of xp as Scholars do.
End of spoiler information.


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