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Distant and remote, this difficult to get to wealthy island-nation is rumored to be predominantly dominated by lush steep-sided rugged mountains and rolling soil-rich hill country. Rumors of this remote island hold that wealth can be had by sea captains bold enough to hazard the legendary currents along its inhospitable cliffs and bring trade with the wealthy island-state.

Lately however, trade has all but ceased with unsettling word by refugees of some horrible tragedy besetting the large island. So far little word has made its way back and the fate and the problem of the stricken nation is unknown.



Xintatlaa is located at (-35,-22,0) in Quetlatl (Global: (127, -265, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Zignard the warlord
  • Mortig the merman
  • Maardryd the water dragon
  • Tarhia
  • Marakius the adviser

Notable Attractions

Speedwalk for this place, requires terrain following and may or may not be functional

 go n, e, 2ne, sw, w, n, 2sw, e, sw, w, nw, sw, w, 2nw, n, s, se, ne, in, 2u, 2d, out, 2e, n, e, 3w, 2e, 2n, 2w, ne, e, ne, 2se, 3e, n, w, nw, sw, w, nw, w, se
 enter volcano
 wait for a while
 go s, e, 2w, se, sw
 search crack
 go swd, nwd, swd, swd, swd, neu
 wriggle through crack
 go ne, se, s
 squeeze through opening
 go 3n, e, w, n, w, e, n, e, w, n, 6s


  • City alignment:
  • Guards assist:
  • Nyladon Notes: This place is as old and crunchy as anything, don't come here unless you have an exploration challenge and are *really* desperate.
  • Oraror Notes: He's not kidding about the old and crunchy. If you're going for exploration, you will NEED water breathing, a source of light, and a resistance to ... something (magma? heat?) to survive entering the volcano. As of change #7100 the darkness levels are saner, but there is now a strong current, which can be counteracted by swimming skill (74 was enough to move around with minium fuss, and resist the drag about 50% of the time) or wingless flight (which negates the drag completly) To minimize the agony, "search crack" on the far southwest end of the area to find the dragon at the bottom and "squeeze through opening" on the far southeast end of the area to trigger the janky-as-hell exits.
  • Nyladon Notes Again: To exit the dragon's sub-area, you must go one room up from his lair and 'wriggle through crack' - despite being visible in all other rooms, that's the only one it works in.
  • Note: If trapped in a sand pit then use "climb out".
  • Be cautious if you have ioun stones. The volcano and swiftly flowing water rooms will both cause them to drop, but will move you into an other room shortly.
End of spoiler information.


Map:Xintatlaa Ascii

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