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  • Location: Xintatlaa
  • Occupation: Empress of Xintatlaa
  • Look
 Extremely young for the position she holds, Salestra is nonetheless every inch an empress.  
Stately and proud, yet kind and caring; her praises are sung throughout the land.  Consumed
by worry over the condition and safety of her subjects, Salestra travels throughout southern
Xintatlaa doing what she can to ease their suffering and attempting to ensure that everyone
escapes before the island sinks into the sea.  She has a tracery of sparkling light within
and around her.
 She looks about seventeen dimins tall, five and three tenths dimins wide and
one and seven twentieths dimins long.  She is in good shape.  She wields a green dagger in
her right hand.  She wears a flowing blue linen robe around her body.
  • Info
Salestra is an instructor and responds to the following verbal commands:
 Availability inquiry: Salestra, what do you teach?
 Cost inquiry:         Salestra, what would a lesson in <subject> cost?
 Instruction request:  Salestra, teach me <subject(s)>.

  • Trains
  • Notes
    • Salestra's dagger is crafted of iron and radium and requires eskaric warding to use, and does a special eskaric-based attack. Her robe boosts ego when worn. She also has an amulet which makes you feel youthful (unknown effect -- healing maybe?) She also possesses an artifact energon kephale.
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