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                       The Shadow Brethren
   The Shadow Brethren work secretly in the service of Doppel, lord of
   illusion and disguise.
   Doppel's brother gods of Sanctuary despise his hidden nature, and often 
   in the past there have been wars between Vashanka's Temple and Doppel's.  
   Association with either of the other gods of Sanctuary or their worshippers 
   is strictly forbidden.
   The Shadow Brethren are a secret society.  You may neither reveal your
   membership nor instruct outsiders in how to join.
   There is a Shadow Brethren channel available to you, accessed using the
   commands 'doppel' and 'assoc'.

The priest of Doppel quietly says, -- As a Questor of Tyr, you could not become a practitioner of deception by joining the Shadow Brethren. -- to you.

The priest of Doppel quietly says, 'You specialize in carousing, which is forbidden to Shadow Brothers.' to you.

The priest of Doppel quietly says, <- You specialize in subordination, which is forbidden to Shadow Brothers. -> to you.

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Doppel Spoilers
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