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This is Apollo, god of the sun and lord of light. He exudes a radiant beauty that outshines the light of the sun itself. He wears a toga of purest white, and a wreath of laurel leaves. A sense of inner peace radiates from him. He looks about nineteen dimins tall, five and nine tenths dimins wide and one and nine twentieths dimins long.


  • If you wish to become a follower of the Lord of Light, say 'Accept me as your disciple, great Apollo.' At The Temple of Apollo.
  • Trust Apollo before you ask to join and he'll touch you.
  • If afterward you wish to denounce your faith, say 'I denounce you, Apollo'.
  • Apollo and his priests will speak to you in Anglic, mostly.
  • There is a charisma requirement to join. <20 is not acceptable. (will adjust as I increase it)
You say, Accept me as your disciple, great Apollo
Apollo smiles down upon you.
You are now a first-degree specialist in invocation.
Apollo states, - Another comes to join the ranks of my followers. -
Apollo states, - Worthy, white-skinned male Amberite!  I am pleased by your praise. -
Apollo states, - I grant you a beam of my light. -
Apollo touches you with his right hand.
You have become a Disciple of Apollo.  'help apollo' for more information.

Restrictions and Requirements

  • You must have a certain level of first aid, literacy and scholarship before Apollo will accept you. (I joined with 30 first aid and 40 each in literacy and scholarship)
  • It is forbidden to specialize in necromancy.
Apollo states, |- The worship of Apollo does not allow the veneration of Cthulhu, so you cannot 
join the Apollonian Disciples. -| to you.
Apollo states, |- As a Jinxian Plutocrat, you could not become a proponent of goodness by joining the Apollonian Disciples. -|

Apollonian Disciples

You are a devout worshipper of the great sun-god, Apollo. His is a powerful association of fanatical subjects. Apollo cares little about what his subjects do with respect to other gods. However, he places restrictions and requirements upon their behaviour in exchange for granting his blessings.


Apollo grants his favor to his subjects in several different ways.

  • Can 'dazzle' an opponent, by spreading a bit of his light within dark places.
  • Can 'commune' with Apollo to find out where he is located, and thus know night from day at all times.
  • Can sacrifice items to him to gain his favor.
  • Grants his followers protection from damage by other sources of light.
  • Disciples also have a communication channel, accessed with the commands 'apollonian' and 'assoc'.
  • Disciples permanently emit light


Apollo demands only your continued devotion in return for the light that he grants you. This light will vary according to the current constantly offer items up to him for his approval. Beware that should you fall out of favor, a request for aid will at best, fall on deaf ears, and at worst, result in your death. Know that by your exposure to his light, you become more susceptible to the effects of damage by elements which would tend to counteract his light.

Magical items are what Apollo seeks from his followers. He drains their energies, and adds them to his own. You feel somewhat refreshed.

Apollo states, |- You cannot join the Apollonian Disciples because you are a hedonist. -|


dazzle <target> (You must specify a target)
offer <item> to Apollo (remember to capitalize Apollo)
denounce apollo (while in the temple, to leave the association)

Specialty Access

Skill               Min   Max
Archery                   +3
Carousing                 +1
Centering                 +3 (accumulative)
Channeling                +3 (accumulative)
Discipline                +1
First aid                 +3
Graecan                   +3 (hidden skill)
Invocation           1    +5
Literacy             1    +5
Livestock breeding        +3
Memory                    +1
Musical composition       +3
Light Affinity            +3 (hidden skill)
Poetry                    +3
Scholarship          1    +5
Stringed instruments      +3
Theology                  +3
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