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Long ago, in aeons past so distant that few beings still in existence recall them, a fomori poet and philosopher by the name of Gauro formulated a series of logical and philosophical rules describing a system of attributes. These attributes were known as karma, dharma, and bodhi -- roughly analagous to the modern concepts of ethics, duty, and knowledge. Out of these concepts, many disparate schools of philosophy, ethics, and even theology arose, but one particular group dedicated to the core philosophy itself was born -- a loose association of devotees known as the Gauric Legion.

By pursuing enlightenment through knowledge, life experiences, and the fulfillment of their duties as members of the Legion, Gauric Legionnaires slowly build a mystical understanding of esoteric concepts and techniques that allow them to alter their bodies and spirits in ways that ordinary mortals cannot fathom. In particular, Gauric Legionnaires pursue harmony and balance of both body and spirit through the understanding and maintenance of chakras.

Members of the Legion often contribute to Enlightenment among the LS populace.



go to Konem say 'I swear to uphold Gauro's teachings'

1. You will need to have all of the standard chakras identified.
2. You will need to have completed both Visit Lakan's Edifice and Scale Mount Doom to prove you aren't pathetic.
3. You will need to have completed either the Devonshire Murder or Death at Corna and Free Imptropolis or Assassination Quest to show you stand up for good.
4. You will need some amount of Leadership and Subordination. The exact amount is not known but at least 20 of each.
5. Races that are psychically alien are unable to join. (Verified by Marcosy)
6. Also have completed a Travelers Challenge. This bars npc companions from joining due to them being unable to get challenges.

Legionnaire's Duty

      Members of the Gauric Legion are sworn to uphold the principles of altruism as a means to self-perfection.  In practice, this oath
   binds them to teach and enlighten others, but above all else to help others and protect them from harm.  As part of this duty,
   Legionnaires must slay the evil that would do harm to the innocent and protect the weaker from harm by shielding them in combat with
   their own bodies.  Legionnaires who perform these duties will find their dharma increased, potentially furthering their overall
   spiritual progress.


       Members of the Gauric Legion pursue an enduring and complex path to spiritual fulfillment consisting of concepts they refer to as
   dharma, bodhi, and karma.  Each of these concepts has several components and facets of meanings, but can generally described as
   enlightenment, knowledge, and wisdom.  The concept of Karma Phala as extolled by devotees of Ganesha is a related topic, actually
   functioning as a component of Spiritual Wisdom along with general life experiences.  Similarly, knowledge of skills held in high esteem
   by philosophers and logicians can be described as Spiritual Knowledge, while the accrual of dharma and bodhi through the acts of duty
   and enlightenment form the basis of the concept of Spiritual Enlightenment.  The Legionnaire who develops all three of these facets of
   their understanding and acceptance of the universal principles of balance can acquire great facility in the techniques of body and
   spirit alteration, so long as they maintain at least one chakra.

Spiritual Wisdom is some number determined by your Karma Phala (Karma from Traveler challenges), and the 'general life experience' coefficient - that is, a number determined by your exploration percentage, level, etc.

Spiritual Knowledge is determined by 100% of Meditation, Philosophy, Somatesthesia, and Teaching; 75% of Critical Thinking, 50% of Empathy, and 25% of Discipline, Introspection, Logic, and Metaphysics.

Spiritual Enlightenement has 2 components - it is unknown if it's the lower of these two or if it's just the total of them.

Dharma, which is gained by succoring good things and murdering evil things. A small amount whenever you kill something evil or succor something good alignment-wise. It doesn't seem to care about order/chaos alignment, however.

 [2017 Oct 27 12:44] [Developer Marcosy] currently dharma is literally just 0.05 dharma per kill of an evil creature


Bodhi, which is gained at a rate of 1 per enlightenment divided by the number of times your target (npc targets of the same "type" count as one being for this purpose) occurs on your list of recent enlightenment targets, which is about 10 entries long with each new enlightenment popping the oldest off the list.

 [2015 Sep 11 18:12] [Gauric Legionnaire Marcosy] if you maintain a rotation of at least 10 people you will always get a full point every time
 [2015 Sep 11 18:12] [Gauric Legionnaire Marcosy] but that is non-trivial
 [2015 Sep 11 18:12] [Gauric Legionnaire Stride] no kidding
 [2015 Sep 11 18:13] [Gauric Legionnaire Stride] that's great to know though Marco, do you mind if I add that to the wiki?
 [2015 Sep 11 18:13] [Gauric Legionnaire Marcosy] i tried to make it reward you greatly for enlightening other players and spreading it around as opposed to just ticking it every hour
 [2015 Sep 11 18:13] [Gauric Legionnaire Marcosy] i suppose not, although i'd prefer you paraphrased it instead of just pasting logs into the wiki, that's always super ugly


   Perform Enlightenment
   Gauric Legion Esoteric Maneuver
   Usage: perform enlightenment upon <who>
   The power of a Gauric Legionnaire to perform the special powers and duties required of them is deeply rooted in the act of understanding
   philosophical and esoteric concepts.  Combined with the strong ethos of aiding others, it should perhaps be no surprise that members of the
   Legion greatly esteem the practice of bringing enlightenment peacefully to others, increasing their understanding of philosophy,
   metaphysics, and other esoteric concepts as well as potentially awakening them to deeper spiritual enlightenment.
   Additionally, members of the Legion who instruct others in these subjects often find their own understanding of such concepts increased as
   the process of teaching allows them to discover previously unknown facets of knowledge, as well as increasing one's bodhi, or understanding
   of the true nature of reality, which can potentially provide progress upon one's own path to spiritual enlightenment.  However, repeated
   enlightenments upon the same subject provide diminishing returns unless a lengthy period of time has passed between lessons.
   You must be trusted by someone to be able to enlighten them.

Chakra Control

       The primary and most obvious sign of a Gauric Legionnaire's esoteric knowledge, as well the powers and abilities that knowledge
   grants them, is the presence of chakras upon the Legionnaire's body.  A Legionnaire must have at least one chakra present to access any
   of the special abilities available to members of the Legion aside from the act of enlightenment itself.  Additionally, a Legionnaire's
   chakras are highly resistant to both direct harm and to the standard dissipation that occurs to the chakras of others over time.
       Although members of the Gauric Legion gain no intrinsic ability to charge their chakras from the secrets of Gauric Lore, their deep
   understanding of chakra metaphysics allows them to move energy between any chakras they possess.  To evenly distribute energy between
   all chakras currently active concentrate on balancing your chakras.  To fully charge a specific chakra at the expense of another
   chakra's energy levels, concentrate on transferring energy from your <source> chakra to your <target> chakra.

Specialty Access

Total of 1 Constitution, 3 Willpower, 4 Intelligence, 3 Perception, and 1 Charisma to join.

Min   Max      Specialty
 1    +10      Meditation
 1    +10      Philosophy
 1    +10      Somatesthesia
 1    +10      Teaching
 1    +5       Breath Control
 1    +5       Critical Thinking
 1    +5       Discipline
 1    +5       Empathy
 1    +5       Introspection
 1    +5       Logic
 1    +5       Metaphysics
 1    +5       Tenacity
      +3       Arcane Lore
      +3       Elder Lore
      +3       Centering
      +3       Equilibrium
      +3       Flight
      +3       Intelligence Analysis
      +3       Legend Lore
      +3       Leadership
      +3       Logistics
      +3       Rhetoric
      +3       Rune Lore
      +3       Spirit Lore
      +3       Strategy
      +3       Subordination
      +3       Tactics
      +1       Archaen
      +1       Balance
      +1       Enochian
      +1       Linguistics
      +1       Memory
      +1       Musical Composition
      +1       Poetry
      +1       Singing
      +Special (Gauric Legion Esoteric Skills, not yet discovered)


List of known ranks

You get 1 point of access to Supernal Durability, Regeneration, and several other affinity and resistance skills per rank.

  1. Legionnaire Recruit (rank 0-1)
  2. Junior Legionnaire (rank 2-4)
  3. Veteran Legionnaire (rank 5-6)
  4. Senior Legionnaire (rank 7-8)
  5. Gauric Legionnaire (rank 9)
  6. Gauric Disciple (rank 10)

Other Things

Increasing your development increases your access to a lot of cool skills, like all the affinities, supernal durability, and other stuffs.

There are powers that are not permitted to be disclosed on the wiki. Ask in-game. Also show changes to Gauric Legion should show you the scope of the secrets.


The Verynvelyrae, Aliavelyrae, Lightbringers, Coven, and Aligned cannot become soldiers and thus cannot join the Gauric Legion.
The Gauric Legion exclude members of Nihilist, Sexist, or Atheist affiliations.

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