The Devonshire Murder

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Standard Information

Help the guard captain solve the murder mystery in the city of Devonshire. You can reach Devonshire by taking the boat east of Losthaven.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Nine
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Zero
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Zero
   This quest was created by Infidel and Ubiquitous and is maintained by Ubiquitous.

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

One of my favorite quests. The guard captain is on Silvermane in Devonshire, approximately 1 north, 4 east, and 2 south of the square. You'll need to speak Anglic so far as I know.

Simply say "murder" to the captain, he'll get the idea.

This plays out like a logic puzzle. You'll get 5 names, 5 weapons and 5 locations for the murder. There were three witnesses that you can question to help narrow down the possibilities. You can ask them each 3 questions pertaining to either who did it, with what weapon, or at what location. This will let you eliminate 9 possibilities. If you get lucky, of course, you can get "free" possibilities by eliminating more with a successful guess.

After getting as close as you can, you can make your accusation by telling the captain of the guard the name of the murderer, the weapon, and the location of the murder. He will then tell you to go search for the evidence. Head to the location and "search here" (or maybe just "search") and if you will get a message indicating success or not. If successful, the weapon will be added to your inventory provided that you have enough capacity. If you fail, you can report back the the captain for another accusation.

Once you have the murder weapon, turn it in to the captain. He will give you a warrant for the arrest of the murderer and tell you where said individual was last seen. Head to the east gate on temple street. Fairly decent following skills will help. Below 40 skill in the various tracking skills is fine.

Set yourself up to be able to use the follow command on your suspect as you near the forest or you may lose him and need to restart the quest. After a short pursuit he will give up, and begin following you. Escort him back to the captain of the guards, and consider yourself a hero for bringing in a murderer.

  • Suspects
   The captain says, "Tommy, Steven, Vincent, Victor, and Kentawa." to you.
  • Weapons
   The captain says, "Dagger, Axe, Hammer, Rope, and Sword." to you.
  • Places
   The captain says, "Harbor, Town Square, Restaurant, and East Gate." to you.
   The captain says, "I think there is one more..." to you.
   The captain pauses to think.
   The captain says, "Bingo!  Temple." to you.

If you have to, use 8 questions on the witnesses to obtain the exact suspect and weapon - this means, at worst, you will have to use 4 different accusations (for 4 different places.) This is a very simple quest - don't sweat it.

- Kian

End of spoiler information.
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