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Justicars are trained in the martial discipline known as Tsar Quen. Tsar Quen is a unique combat style that allows the Justicars to make use of the shields granted to them by Axa to perform a variety of devastating attacks. These include special combo abilities that are especially effective when performed in the proper sequence.

Tsar Quen requires a practitioner who is skilled in both concentration and martial arts, and they also frequently rely on brawling, although other requirements are possible for individual maneuvers.


Tsar Quen Maneuvers

These maneuvers are unlocked based on your concentration skill and follow the typical progression pattern for Justicars. Mercurial Impact unlocks around 100, Essence Smash and Manichean Blow at 150, Resolute Assault and Steel Avalanche at 200, and Structural Explosion at 250. Martial arts and brawling likely also play a role in unlocking, however extremely high martial arts skill did not bypass the concentration requirements.

Essence Smash, Manichean Blow and Structural Explosion have per hit spirit requirements (seems to be 10sp per hit for Essence Smash, 50sp per hit for Structural Explosion).

Mercurial Impact

   Usage: perform mercurial impact [at <target>]
   Activity Cost: 1/2 of shield attack activity cost
     A quick but relatively weak attack that slaps your opponent with your shield. This 
 maneuver can be followed up with resolute assault to begin a devasting series of attacks 
 against your opponent.

Ratings seem to be mostly based on Strength, Agility, Martial Arts, and Shield. Specifically, attack Rating is something like

  • 130% Strength
  • 124% Agility
  • 24% Willpower
  • 24% Intellect
  • 24% Perception
  • 120% Martial Arts
  • 26% Brawling
  • 110% Shield
  • 25% Concentration
  • 25% Combat Reflexes
  • 25% Tactics
  • 25% Killer Instinct

Damage is approximately

  • 130% Strength
  • 96% Agility
  • 24% Willpower
  • 95% Martial Arts
  • 26% Brawling
  • 24% Concentration

I found this popping up at 96 concentration, 106 martial arts, 64 brawling (brawling may not be relevant).

Essence Smash

   Usage: perform essence smash [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 21
   Charge your shield with esoteric energies and attack an enemy.  The type of energies your shield is charged with will depend on the affinities you possess.

Attack Rating is

  • 129% Agility
  • 100% Strength
  • 125% Perception
  • 45% Willpower
  • 25% Intellect
  • 100% Shield
  • 125% Martial Arts
  • 45% Concentration
  • 25% Combat Reflexes
  • 25% Precision Strike
  • 25% Tactics
  • 25% Killer Instinct

Damage bonus comes from

  • 100% Strength
  • 100% Agility
  • 100% Perception
  • 45% Willpower
  • 100% Martial Arts
  • 45% Concentration
  • 100% Killer Instinct
  • 100% Massive Blow

Manichean Blow

   perform manichean blow [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 16
   This maneuver allows you to call up the qlippotic or sephirotic energies within you to enhance your attack.
   Seems to require sephirotic or qlippotic affinity of around 35. Likely requires other proficiencies

Resolute Assault

   Usage: perform resolute assault [at <target>]
   A slow, but strong attack.  When executed in sequence following mercurial impact, the opponent will be disoriented, slowing them temporarily.

Steel Avalanche

   Usage: perform steel avalanche [at <target>]
   Unleash a quick attack against your opponent.  When performed after resolute assault, at the end of a combo chain, it is possible to perform multiple attacks before your opponent regains balance.

Structural Explosion

   Usage: perform structural explosion [at <target>]
   Activity Cost For You: 33
   Charge energy into a enemy through your shield, causing a secondary explosion hurting all hostile targets.
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