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Lavender is the waiter at the Grinning Cat and can provide instruction in brewing and cooking.

This is a horned bull anthrope with a light gray coat, black horns, brown
skin, and blue-violet eyes.  This large, muscular minotaur has light gray fur
and kind blue-violet eyes.  His large black horns are polished to a sharp tip. 
He looks quite formidable, despite his gentle disposition.  He runs a cafe in
Mycenae that is notorious for great food and excellent service.  
   He looks about twenty-four dimins tall, nine and seven twentieths dimins
wide, and two and seven twentieths dimins front to back.  
   He is in good shape.  
   He wears a huge linen apron over his torso and legs, a huge beaded
iridescent silk scarf around his neck, and a huge pair of shimmering silver
leather sandals on his feet.
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