The Pzyruxal Sphere Puzzle

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Standard Information

Find the five colored gems and solve the Pzyruxal Sphere.

   Estimated Mental Difficulty Rating:   Eight
   Estimated Physical Difficulty Rating: Seven
   Estimated Danger Rating:              Eight
   This quest was created by Infidel and Ubiquitous and is maintained by Ubiquitous.
Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.


When you turn this in, if you put the wrong gem in the wrong slot it explodes, don't screw up.

Arnedio Shrine

(-1, 13, 0) Arnedio Shrine in Quetlatl (Global: 161, -230, 0) holds one of the gems. A miniquest is involved in retrieving the gem, and it requires no killing.

Head north into the maze, towards the top of the maze is a bone stair heading down (-1, 9, 0). You'll need to head down, north, head down into the pit, search the pile of bones at the bottom of the pit. Nyladon Notes: "search pile" works, "search piles" doesn't.

You'll find a jewel.

Exit the pit upwards and 'put jewel in socket'.

Head east, northwest, down, west, north, then offer a prayer to Kreenagh, you've got the Gem of Alacrity (Dexterity/Intelligence).

Twilight Tower

(8, 8, 2) Twilight Tower (Global: 170, 89, 2)

Twilight Tower is located on the Island of Avalon (8, 8, 2).

The tower has some pretty weak skeletons in it, you'll need to kill them as they will block your way down the tower.

Once you've reached the library you'll see a male Drow.

He is a lich and is very powerful, kill him if you feel the need but you should be able to "search room" without needing to kill him.

Upon closer inspection you'll find one of the shelves is on wheels and can be pushed with the command "push shelf".

Go down to the hidden room and claim your prize, the Gem of Physique (Strength/Constitution).


( 4, 8, 1 ) Bartziluth's lair (Dragon) (Global: 166, 89, 1)

The dragon Bartziluth has one of the gems, and makes her home on the Island of Avalon ( 4, 8, 1 ). This gem is fairly easy to obtain if one is well prepared, either by means of combat vs the dragon, or in the ways of subterfuge.

You'll either need to kill it or have someway to sneak by her or make yourself intangible.

The Gem of Fortitude (Constitution/Willpower) is behind Bartziluth with her child.

Fort Boastt

( -11, -27, 0) Fort Boastt (Global -92, -108, 0)

Here you'll need to kill an ogre (7, 6, 1) it will drop a small stone. The gem has been encased.

You'll need to go to the acidic well (-1, 1, 0) and "climb into well" you'll want to drop the stone quick because you'll be taking acid damage.

"Get gem" and go up to get out.

You now have the Gem of Mentation (Intelligence/Constitution).


(40, 8, 0) Sounion (Global: 121, -73, 0)

King Vestitus holds one of the gems, and is located in Sounion in Aegeas (40, 8, 0), around (-4, 10, 0). (He should be wandering around the "palace made of coral" and may appear as "a male merman" if not identified.) He will offer you riddles to prove your worthiness, similar to At'lordrith. When you have answered enough riddles, you can ask him for your reward, which is an amethyst gem. It has been noted that you can't just kill him and loot the gem off of his corpse.

Say "riddle" when you're next to him and he will ask you a riddle. If you don't want to solve them yourself, the full set of answers is "coffin iceberg drop stars rust pirate jellyfish tree sponge shadow driftwood darkness pillow wind riddle".

After >= 6 correctly answered riddles, you can say "reward" and he will produce the Gem of Personality (Willpower/Perception/Charisma).


Take all 5 gems to Thrassos the sage in Devonshire. (He's on east Temple street)

He will hand you the sphere.

Push the button on the sphere.

Put ruby in slot.

Turn dial.

Wash rinse repeat based on color of sphere after you push the button.

After all the gems are placed in, 'push button'. After you unlock the sphere, give it back to Thrassos and you will have completed the quest.

End of spoiler information.
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