Cult of Sacrifice

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To join the Cult of Sacrifice, you must find the secret location and say the secret password. It appears that Nerius only speaks Caladan - more testing there. An additional requirement seems to be that worship of other gods is forbidden.

Nerius says, "The Dark One requires your full spiritual devotion, why are even here if not to sacrifice everything, Dicia? "  

When all requirements are met -

You say, "I wish to sacrifice myself to the Dark One" in beautifully-accented Caladan.
    You feel a malicious presence enter your soul and enrich you with demonic powers.


Joining the Cult of Sacrifice provides you with demonic abilities via demonic blood. In addition, the cultist can be granted the gift of ongoing life for the act of killing those considered 'holy' or who worship the false idol.

Specialty Access

 3 Finance
 3 Logistics
 3 Invocation
 3 Subordination
 3 Diplomacy
 3 Etiquette
 3 Fast Talk
 3 Haggling
 3 Manipulation
 3 Rhetoric
 3 Torture
 X [Qlippotic Affinity]]

?? one mystery skill - accumulative

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