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You are one of Minerva's chosen; a being of sufficient wisdom and strength of mind to be initiated in her esteemed order of the Haruspices. As such, you have been granted a circlet which, when worn, enables you to perform feats of insight which have been heretofore unattainable by mortal beings.

There are several skills that, when possessed by a Haruspex, provide for more effective divinations; more information can be found in the help file 'haruspex skills'.

The various insight skills you gain by wearing this circlet are detailed in the help file 'haruspex divination'; this file also contains fundamental divination information and instruction.

The Haruspices are a secret society; never reveal your membership to the world at large. You may, however, instruct a potential member in how to join our ranks when you have taken adequate measures to ensure that they do not intend to act against us.

With such powers come restrictions; read the help file 'haruspex restrictions' for details.

Haruspex Skills

Specialty requirements:

astrology  - int
divination - per
literacy   - int

Total: 2x Int, 1x Per

A Haruspex will find useful to hir divinations the skills of 
animal lore
legend lore
 As these skills grow, one will find that
divinations become easier, and thus less taxing on one's spiritual reserves.

Haruspex Divination

As a Haruspex, you may perform four different types of divinations:

 divine location    -- divine the general location of another being
 divine area        -- divine the exact circumstances of another being's
 divine inventory   -- divine the full inventory of another being
 divine alignment   -- divine the exact alignment of another being
 divine artifact    -- divine the general location of an artifact of the

The syntax for divinations involving living beings is:

       divine <being>'s <divination type> with <corpse>

The syntax for artifact divination is:

       divine artifact <artifact name> with <corpse>


Jylarl is the guildmaster, and is available for training all Haurspex skills.

Haruspex Restrictions

Due to the deep level of concentration that must be attained in order to properly perform a divination, one must maintain an ordered alignment if one expects to take advantage of the benefits of being a Haruspex. In addition, a Haruspex may not use instruments of chaos, for these will disrupt the ordered structure of the mind; nor may a Haruspex worship the goddess of Discord, Eris.

Jylarl says, "As a Stalker of the Gate, you could not become a proponent of order by joining the Haruspices." to you.

Jylarl says, "The worship of Athena does not allow the veneration of Asmodai, so you cannot join the Haruspices." to you.

Jylarl says, "As a Traveler, you could not become a follower of a deity by joining the Haruspices." to you.

It appears that you may not rejoin the Haruspices after leaving the association.

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