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An association of shoggothim that worship Cthulhu.


You must be a Shoggoth and say I choose to become bound to you forever as a Mhezlekai in Ngaathgl or any other language that Cthulhu might understand. Shapeshifters with the Shoggoth form are just as eligible as otherwise ng'guggug Shoggothim

   You are now a first-degree specialist in elder lore.
   Great Cthulhu extends its right lower tentacle toward you and sinks its
   tip into your form.
   You feel a miniscule bit of the substance of Great Cthulhu entering you
   and subtly changing your essence, filling your psyche with signals compelling
   service to Great Cthulhu, as well as a flow of energy from some unseen,
   all-pervading source.

Notes: There is no leaving Mhezlekai. And, when Cthulu is attacked you will be summoned and forced to assist him.

Granted Access And Abilities

 You feel knowledge and energy flowing into you and renewing your devotion
   to Great Cthulhu.

Small amount of training in a random skill the Mhezlekai specialize in and a possible spirit refill. This benefit stops occurring when Great Cthulhu has been killed, and takes a period after reconstitution before resuming

Access is granted as follows.

Arcane Lore: 3
Cosmology: 3
Elder Lore: 3
Mathematics: 3
Metaphysics: 3
Metapsychology: 3
Physics: 3
Psychology: 3


A voice echoes in your mind, "As an Attuned, you could not become a fanatic by joining the Mhezlekai, shoggoth."
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