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the Touched

There isn't just one path to psychic power.  Experimentation, god granted
powers and even blind luck can unleash a person's potential.

Blind luck would be how one describes Irelun's path to psychic power.  After a
night of drinking and brawling he awoke to the power of psychic abilities but he
also awoke to much more.  He had learned how to identify the psychic ability in
others and the ability to manifest a suit of psionic armor.  Furthermore he had
gained the ability to instill the capability in others with concentration and a
'gentle tap' to the head.  But not everyone can join, only those deemed worthy and
sufficiently drunk may join.  Those who don't know how to have a good time need not

Where did he receive this ability?  Was he touched by the gods?  Was it
spontaneous?  No one knows; not even him (far, far too much brain damage). All that
is known is that his Touched have gained the capability to achieve psychic power
unlike most mortals.

NOTE: the Touched are currently a beta assoc. The affiliation may change over time, and not all information presented here may remain accurate. Some things are a 'lil buggy, and who knows what'll happen in the future.


Current Join status : Open

In order to join the Touched, you must first get *very* drunk, then step up to the bar in the Temple of Discordia and say in a language that will be understood (Anglic works)

allow me to be touched


In order to leave you need to return to the bar and say, "I don't want to be touched anymore."

It appears as though there are no restrictions around leaving and rejoining.

Required Specs

Somatopsychosis  1
Telepathy        1
Redaction        1
Carousing        1

1 wil, 1 int, 2 ego

Powers Given

As a member of the Touched you are granted access to the following powers:

The ability to concentrate on sensing the latent wild talents within an individual,
along with the ability to concentrate on manifesting a suit of psychic armor.
To dispell this suit of armor, simply concentrate on releasing your suit of psychic energy.

The below only appear for the leader of The Touched

   As leader of the Touched you can also perform the following commands:
   concentrate on opening the Touch to an individual
   concentrate on removing the Touch to an individual
   concentrate on showing those who can be Touched
   concentrate on shifting the availability of the Touched to open or closed

The suit of armor provides AC scaling based on your psionic skills. In addition, it works as the diaphany armor class, covering any uncovered limbs. It is rumored to provide some benefit to the psionic skills of the users, as well as provide a retributive effect.

Specialty Access

all Touched are given a blanket +5 spec access to *all* psionic skills.

Current Bugs

Bug Description Repeatable Steps Fix Status (Reported, In progress, Retest, Fixed)
Suit not functioning as a paraquerlos The fluxflow suit is still functioning as a parageos or paralemnos and is shifting form rather than simply covering all slots like a paraquerlos You concentrate on manifesting a suit of psychic armor.

A the fluxflow suit manifests in your inventory. Your fluxflow suit begins to flow and shift, a helm, a breastplate, a right sleeve, a left sleeve, a right gauntlet, a left gauntlet, a right legging, left legging, a right boot, and a left boot extruding from it, changing and growing from a miniscule diaphany into an enormous full suit of armour.

Suit not giving psionic skill bonuses The suit should be generating a skill bonus of 15-40 depending on psionic skills per specification You are an unskilled first-degree somatopsychotic (0).

You wear your fluxflow suit on your body. You are an unskilled first-degree somatopsychotic (0).

Sensing latent talents too accurate The power "concentrate on sensing the latent wild talents within an individual" is 100% accurate in all cases Using the ability Reported
Joining looks odd from a third person perspective The second line should be adjusted for a third person viewing to just the recipient rising On someone else joining:

Pupil is knocked to the ground suddenly by a huge force. As you rise you realize you are something...more than you were.

People sometimes removed at random On incarnation/disincarnation sometimes people are removed from the association

When stripped I didn't get a message, and kept the flux suit for that incarnation - Fitz

None known Reported
Fluxflow suit giving odd messages when attacking and deflecting with hands Deflecting with hands seems to treat the suit like the attacking object and leads to very odd messages. In Combat:

The white-skinned female kielleth guard attacks you with her mithril broadsword, but you deflect it with your right claw.

As the fluxflow suit makes contact upon your fluxflow suit it emits a small flare of energy.

Talent sensing can't target by nickname Not much more to say Set a nickname on a random autonomon, try to sense them by nickname, get "You concentrate on sensing the latent wild talents within Mindblaster Bez." // "You cannot perceive mindblaster bez." - since `for` prefers to use nicknames, this makes batch-sensing difficult. Reported
Fluxflow suit sticks around on leave If you get kicked out on disincarnation (as noted above), this does not dispel a manifested fluxflow suit, though it will no longer resize or reshape Manifest a fluxflow suit, disincarnate, incarnate Reported
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