Rebels of Syllyac

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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

^~^~ The Rebels of Syllyac ~^~^

Freedom. At its core, the Rebels of Syllyac profess to value that over all else, even their own lives. The life of a Rebel is not a safe one; vastly more powerful organizations and individuals bring immense resources to bear in the hunting down, persecution, and eventual torture and death of those that are discovered to be part of the rebel cause, and with little ability to directly combat these groups themselves, the Rebels have relegated themselves to an existence in the shadows, living on the fringes of Underdark society in exchange for the freedom to take a chance at bettering it. This existence sounds bleak and hopeless, but to the Rebels, it is not -- it is the very definition of hope. The life of one is little when compared to the lives of many, and though those many may never know of the one, in the end a greater good is slowly but surely worked toward.

Ideologically, this is what you have pledged to, but in the immediate this threat of wicked, cruel oppression takes a far more immediate form -- that of Syllyac and Yathryn, the cities of the vlekthid and drow. Both so-called 'great' cities of the Underdark were built on the backs of slaves, and both races have much to answer for in the way of transgressions. The vlekthid use their psionic powers to manipulate and control the masses, and if that wasn't offense enough, it's well-known that the psychic abominations feed on the brains of all those they deem lesser races, including their slaves. The drow have made just as egregious of an offense, in the ages-past creation of the nyloc as what they then and still refer to as a servitor race, an entire people that was not just born, but created into slavery.

This will not stand, and the time of reckoning draws near.

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End of spoiler information.
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