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Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

^~^~ Benefits of joining the Rebels of Syllyac ~^~^

As one of the brave individuals who clings tenaciously to the liberation of the peoples of the Underdark, you are outnumbered, you are outequipped, and you are possessed of far less resources than the oppressors you've pledged to fight against. All is not lost however, for in the end, resourcefulness trumps the assumption of superiority every time.

Your headquarters, located within the free nyloc city of Shadowmyrk, are not ornate, but they will serve. Within them, you will find the company of your fellow resistance members, including plenty of those who understand that a well-prepared resistance is a strong resistance. You will find training that will assist you in your missions and struggles, and in particular, you will be taught the basics of mental, psychic preparedness to help resist the vlekthid's mental assaults, see 'help psychic integrity'. Though it is not well understood by the members of the resistance, some variant of this same kind of technique affects the caverns as a whole, and as such they are a psionic dead zone -- for all the vlekthid's imperious presumption that their powers of the mind reveal all, they will never discover this place by means of using their mental abilities.

Andrian has also set up a makeshift equipment exchange, understanding that some Rebels have more freedom to move around than others. These Rebels can then bring weapons, armour, and other supplies back to the rebellion's headquarters, where they can be exchanged amongst all members of the resistance. You will, of course, receive a measure of credit for performing this service, which can in turn be utilized to equip yourself from the very same storage repository.

Most valuable of all, however, is perhaps knowing that you are not alone. Knowing that you are not the sole voice of dissent when brought face to face with the obscene, disgusting corruption that sweeps the streets of Yathryn and Syllyac, and armed with this knowledge, perhaps the future below ground does not seem quite so dark after all.

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End of spoiler information.
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