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   You hiss, <[ I resolve to devote myself to Isskarazh ]>
   You are now a first-degree specialist in piety. [event logged]
   Klethka chokes, <[ Isskarazh, Great Mother of Dragons, this mortal stands before you in
 humility and devotion, striving to enter into your service! ]>
   Klethka leads you through a complicated series of ritual motions.
   Klethka hisses, <[ You are now of Isskarazh. ]> at you.
   You have a feeling of new belonging in your innermost spirit.
   Kaasz has become a Heth Karad.
   Type 'help Hethar Karad' for more information.
 (< the Hethar Karad >)
     The Hethar Karad, the Servants of Greatness, are the devotees of
 Isskarazh, the Great Mother of Dragons.  A member is called a Heth Karad.
     The Hethar Karad have a communication channel accessed using the commands
 'hethar', 'isskarazh' and 'assoc'.

Seems to grant access along these lines:

 +2 Antagonism
 +2 Astrology
 +1 Demolition
 +3 Eructation
 +2 Intimidation
 +3 Legend Lore
 +1 Massive Blow
 +1 Massive Exertion
 +3 Piety (1 req)
 +2 Theology
 +3 Xhax (1 req)
 +3 Metaphysics (cumulative only)

Eructation access may scale with Piety. Metaphysics access is likely (but cumulative only), given that all the other skills she trains have spec access, but someone needs to test this.

Joining requires that you gain Isskarazh's positive regard: this may be acquired by killing things that attack dragons, dracons, etc. and by succoring dragons, dracons, etc. Being a draconic race (Zuth, Dracon, Dragon, etc.) will net you starting regard. You may also purchase regard using Lux.

You can lose regard by killing draconic things:

 First are dragons, second zuths, third drachannach and dracon together, fourth are drakes, fifth llelimin, sixth firelizards, and seventh and last are chimerae.
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