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As a member of Ashe's Wardens, you have chosen to take upon yourself the duty of guiding the young and inexperienced adventurers of the realm. This is not a task lightly embarked upon, as it requires a heavy level of duty and trust, with little to no reward beyond the satisfaction of helping those in need.

Warden Abilities

As a Warden, you are gifted with access to the neophyte communication channel which is accessible via the commands 'neophyte' and 'newbie'. Also at your disposal is the ability to 'guide' a neophyte throughout the realms. This has several purposes. The first is to let the neophyte know that there is a tangible bond between the two of you. The second is to allow communication between the two of you, circumventing the ordinary language barrier; in order for this to work, the two of you must be in the same room, and both be speaking in your native language. The third purpose is to allow you to share in your guided neophyte's achievements to a degree, gaining experience scaled to your own level of accomplishment when your neophyte gains experience. This, of course, does not continue beyond the point where the guided individual would cease to be considered a neophyte. To cease guiding a neophyte, merely issue the command again, and the bond will be broken.

Warden Restrictions

The restrictions placed upon you, because of your duties as a Warden, are quite simple. You will not do anything detrimental to the ideals of the association. This means you will not lead neophytes astray, knowingly give false information, or deliberately lead neophytes into death. Any violation of these fundamental principles will be dealt with harsly and swiftly.

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