Aiel Warrior Societies

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                     -= Aiel Warrior Societies =-
Aiel warriors are all members of one of the twelve different societies.
These are the Black Eyes (Seia Doon), Brothers of the Eagle (Far Aldazar
Din), Dawn Runners (Rahien Sorei), Knife Hands (Sovin Nai), Maidens of
the Spear (Far Dareis Mai), Mountain Dancers (Hama N'dore), Night Spears
(Cor Darei), Red Shields (Aethan Dor), Stone Dogs (Shae'en M'taal),
Thunder Walkers (Sha'mad Conde), True Bloods (Tain Shari), and Water
Seekers (Duadhe Mahdi'in).  Each society has different customs and rules,
along with serving different purposes in battle.
Society members do not fight among themselves, except to determine who
should be the leader.
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