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Aligned deal with a various amount of skills, this article will help the average player help get some of the more pesky Normative hidden forms, without spoiling all the fun, this is a "Hint but not tell" guide kind of page.

If you wish to take the easy way out, wiki surf your way to the Form table. This page is for those who are stuck and only want a point in the right direction.

I have created various pages on the more hidden forms, each will be linked below, simply click on the link for a hint on how to acquire the form.

The exploration Forms are very nice to have. They all require a specific percent of Global exploration, along with some skills. I do not mention the exact amount of exploration needed, only a rough fraction or estimate.




Norm (Normative) forms are gained by doing something, such as exploration, or questing. The forms that require quests can be found here.





Some Forms are gained by having Offices.



This page is primarily about Normative forms, and other Aligned or myself might expand it to other Form types depending upon the popularity of this page!

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