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A useful healer and buffer that hangs out outside Losthaven.

Info reads as follows:

Bow to me for everything, "Includes mindwall, "trust me first," illuminate, healing, curing mental disorders/disease, and removing curses. glance at me for mindwall, ding at me for illuminate, beep at me for heal. Yodel at me for spirit regen, *Harmonist*, foof me for curing mental disorders. understand me for spirit restoration (works for Kazarak) Grimace at me for soothsayer fate (Please be patient, soothsayer is not instantanious) Hiccup at me for my participation in Ganesha's Intoxication challenge, (There must be at least 3 shots of firebreather whiskey on the ground) To infuse an item, drop it and tweak itemname. to have me fix an item, drop it and squeak itemname. This does Not include matrixes as they take more time to fix, especially if heavily damaged. Send me a tell in that case and I'll reply as soon as I see it


If you attempt to activate my triggers and nothing happens, it could because: I'm linkdead, I'm dead... I don't have you,or your culture lensed, (simply send me a tell) or you are invis. Most players won't need this sidenote, but for newbies, this will be helpful.

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, feedback, etc please let me know, this list has grown from players giving me their thoughts.

-Thanks for using my triggers-

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