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Known Abilities

Alligators are reptillian carnivores, roughly man-sized, and are fierce combatants with their massive jaws and powerful tail. They have some amount of night vision, are very physically strong and tough, and can survive indefinitely under water.

NB: Currently, only "normal" alligators can be bonded; the Losthaven sewer alligator is a "giant alligator" and cannot be bonded. Normal alligators can be found in Sseraka and Liathyr's sewers. (also, wandering around randomly in Tenochlan)

Example Bond Message

this is with an untrained sleklith.

You approach the huge dark green male lizard calmly and deliberately.
You reach out and blend the periphery of your perceptive and emotive sensitivities with a huge dark green 
male lizard's mind.
The huge dark green male lizard walks to your side.
You feel spiritually exhausted but deeply contented, as though you have been made more complete.
Your scales turn dark green.

Attribute Modifications

The alligator familiar grants its consort a large bonus to Strength and Vitality, as well as a small bonus to Willpower and Agility.

Skill Effects

Skill Access Bonus
Discipline 16 75 + 10% base
Hardiness 16 75 + 10% base
Massive Exertion 16 75 + 10% base
Resilience 16 75 + 10% base
Wrestling 16 75 + 10% base
Armour Use 12 60
Massive Blow 12 60
Stamina 12 60
Steadiness 12 60
Cutting Resistance 8 40
Impact Absorption 8 40
Killer Instinct 8 40
Pain Tolerance 8 40
Recuperation 8 40
Shorelands Fieldcraft 8 40
Swimming 8 40
Tenacity 8 40
Aquatic Fieldcraft 8 40
Piercing Resistance 4 20


Initially on bonding:

Shortly after:

Additional Bonuses and Powers

Traits granted

Combat Bonuses

Alligator consorts gain a bonus to attack and damage ratings based on their wrestling skill.

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