An earthy temple (Sloan)

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    an earthy temple [n]

    The oaken walls of this temple are caked with mud and has thick patches of dark green moss
growing all around.  The mosses grow all across the walls, almost forming an esoteric pattern.  The
earthen floor is marked by enigmatic lines that traverse the entire length and breadth of the
temple.  In the very center of the room is an earthen vessel, no more than four dimins across,
above which is situated a large hole in the ceiling.  Moonbeams enter in through the opening in the
ceiling, and the entire path of the moon can be traced along the lines on the floor.  The area is
reasonably well-lit.  

    Aesvald is here.  A small slate sign hangs on the wall, designating the clerical services
    The writing is in Anglic, and reads:

Service                       Cost    Description
Shrive                        25      For the purification of the spirit.
Minor melioration             50      For when you're slightly injured.
Panacea                       900     For when the plague has spread.
Cure temporary madness        2000    To cure transient mental afflictions.
Cure disease                  3000    To cleanse you.
   You determine that you are in Sloan.
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