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Sloan is located at (-1, 13, 0) in Gardagh (Global: (161, 175, 0)).

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Notable Personalities

  • Varkain (Adv. Guild - teaches Anglic and Norska)

Notable Attractions

  • (1, -5, 0 S) Earthen Might, a weapon shop
    • (Gray sandstone stone, Gray sandstone dagger, Blunt gray sandstone sword, Bronze boline, Gray sandstone battleaxe, Gray sandstone hammer, Marble knuckle-duster, Granite mace, Gray sandstone flail, Bronze broadsword, Leather-wrapped tarnished-bronze-tipped oaken trident, Shale-tipped ironwood spear, Flanged bronze mace, Gray sandstone club, Bronze greataxe, Big bronze hammer, Giant bronze scythe)
  • (-2, -5, 0) an Earthy Temple, which sells a few basic clerical services, notably shrive and cure temporary madness
  • (-5, -5, 0) a mead distiller, which sells barrels of mead
  • (-7, -4, 0) a honey merchant, which sells honey-based comestibles
  • (-12, -4, 0) a specialty nut store
  • (5, -2, 0 E) a cooper's shop, which sells barrels
  • (6, 2, 0) a tavern, which sells food and drink
  • (5, 4, 0) a butcher, which sells food and drink
  • (3, 6, 0) a staff shop, which sells various mundane and magickal staves
  • (-4, 6, 0) a wrecked shop, which sells a small number of random items
  • (-8, 6, 0) a music shop, which sells a small number of musical instruments
  • (-7, 9, 1) a small house, in which resides Silver Oak
  • (14, 13, 0 N to enter) Doll Shop, in which resides Knuric, a very expensive trainer Teach me all is REALLY expensive


  • City alignment:
  • Guards assist:
  • Banner: A brown bear rampant of a field of yellow
  • Colours: Brown and Yellow
  • A large sprawling area good for low levels as well as some higher. A village can be found in an open plain within the spruce forest, which has a few shops including a temple with healing services. Earthen Might no longer sells magic weapons, but rather regular weapons that are made of earthy materials like stone and bronze. Also blunt swords.
End of spoiler information.
  • Speedwalks in Sloan from Entrance
Sloan -10, -15, 0 in Sloan
/def sloan2nut = go 12n, 2w, s
/def nut2sloan = go n, 2e, 12s
/def sloan2honey = go 11n, 3e, s
/def honey2sloan = go n, 3w, 11s
/def sloan2mead = go 11n, 5e, 2s
/def mead2sloan = go 2n, 5w, 11s
/def sloan2temple = go 11n, 8e, 2s
/def temple2sloan = go 2n, 8w, 11s
/def sloan2earthen = go 11n, 11e, 2s
/def earthen2sloan = go 2n, 11w, 11s
/def sloan2adventurers = go 11n, 15e
/def adventurers2sloan = go 15w, 11s
/def sloan2cooper = go 13n, 16e
/def cooper2sloan = go 16w, 13s
/def sloan2tavern = go 17n, 17e
/def tavern2sloan = go 17w, 17s
/def sloan2butcher = go 19n, 16e
/def butcher2sloan = go 16w, 19s
/def sloan2staff = go 19n, 14e, 2n
/def staff2sloan = go 2s, 14w, 19s
/def sloan2bludgeon = go 21n, 9e, n
/def bludgeon2sloan = go s, 9w, 21s
/def sloan2wrecked = go 21n, 6e, n
/def wrecked2sloan = go s, 6w, 21s
/def sloan2music = go 21n, 2e, n
/def music2sloan = go s, 2w, 21s


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