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Andre's got a posse, and he wants you in it. These delightfully rambunctious Desperadoes have sworn eternal enmity upon the Wandslingers for reasons no one save perhaps Andre himself is quite sure of, but their musical skill with stringed instruments is matched only by their martial ability with them. How exactly this makes any sense is a further mystery; but the Desperadoes have been seen pulling all sorts of strange implements of destruction out of previously unnoticed hollows in their instruments.

The Kobolds of Ranthos have kept their captive dragon a secret for quite some time, but rumours have nonetheless emerged from time to time they had some great beast they were raising as an engine of war. This is almost true; their dragon is intended to aid their military might. However, the dragon, while formidable, isn't the weapon. Instead, they are consuming its blood in a special alchemical mix suited to their unique... gifts... to gain draconic powers of their own. Perhaps this will help reverse the image of their notorious weakness.

Supposedly there is a secret order of templars devoted to a forgotten god. Their aims, goals, and membership are a mystery, but stories say they have a mighty guardian who knows secrets profound and deep; that they are often spotted near workings of great evil; that the gaze of their god is a blinding light; and that they have surpassed the need for mortal sustenance.

Far less secret is the existence of demons who will exchange great gifts for those foolish enough to meet their steep demands. However, no one knows exactly who these diabolists are; their identity is secret even from each other. Some do choose to walk openly, displaying their demon-wracked bodies proudly as they use their infernal gifts; others are said to be divided souls who have not given fully into evil, but try to walk the bleeding edge of power for their own reasons. The Inquisition makes no distinctions, and will slay suspected diabolists on sight.

Ancient magicks, subtle but of potentially great versatility, are available to any who choose to initiate in the ritual paths... though there are sacrifices that must be made to do so.

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