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O geez.

Alright, let me share a bit about my philosophy on game design.

I think games should be /fun/. I would expect this, intuitively, to be a pretty basic principle among game players and designers, but either my definition of fun is seriously fucked-up or people get bored really easily with things that are fun.

Task repetition does not strike me as enjoyable. There are six-million plus World of Warcraft accounts to argue with me, and while your average gamer might be a pasty and doughy sort, I don't think I could take on six million of them -- much less Mr. T. He'd fuck me up.

But, even so, I am stubborn enough to try and drag people kicking and screaming into my paradigm. This seems markedly inadvisable; even so, I intend to do my best to offer non-repetitive options to players, and to make things that are repetitive at least entertaining to read about or participate in by adding little wrinkles to them. My capacity to do this is limited by my skill, by extent of our system, and by the nature of computer languages in general, but these are all somewhat negotiable.

Some of the ongoing "behind the scenes" aims of LS are to eliminate the level system if feasible, to track player decisions and behavior (not to keep tabs on people so much as to make the world respond intelligently to the persona you present), and to restore the option to roleplay. As mentioned elsewhere, we also really want to ease the newbie experience.

So, yeah, enough on that.

I've got a whole bunch of affiliations planned, mostly associations with a faculty mixed in. I like the idea of expanding the options available to characters.

I want to rewrite the Justicars and Lupines in addition to the guilds mentioned on my user page. I'm not deeply invested in either, but I have some really fun ideas for the Justies. Lupines is more of a "I want to have lycanthropes someday, so we need to make some changes to allow that."

I'd like to add a few (playable) races, but I'm not going to discuss them just yet. I'd also like to rewrite Yetis significantly and give them a homeland. A few other races I have minor thematic updates for, but those require a bit of discussion among the developers.

I have three quests I'd like to add; two are tied to a areas and the other to an association. The last one would probably be the most fun, but also requires the most work -- notably adding janitors to every city.

The amount of detail on this page will vary wildly. I don't like saying to much because if I change things, it's possible to disappoint people; but on the other hand, I love discussing myse... er, my ideas. C'est la vie.

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