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The Sentinels are boring. This project is to make them not-boring. I still need a new name for them.

As a member of this guild, you will salvage the cast-off trash of a machine god and bring its remnants to his mad priest for inspection. Should these debris prove useful, he will turn them into modules for your death-headed suit of mechanical carbonite armour, which hisses steam and spits radiation. Having sacrificed part of your own body to operate this device, you will be able to call upon its strength and the host of energies it can absorb to combat your enemies; should your vigilance of its many prototypical systems prove insufficient, however, it and you with it will be reduced into a crater full of smoking rubble.

You will find no solace in your guildmates save the camaraderie of similar experience; you and they are in competition for a limited resource. Of course, the trash of a god is not always a safe thing to pick through... should you stumble across an adamantium golem whose clockwork heart still ticks, perhaps they will assist you for a share of the spoils. Or, perhaps they will laugh and wait for your demise before claiming what you hoped to take for yourself.

But when you absorb the blast of an impotent wielder of unholy might or fire-eyed evoker, channeling the energy back into a ray of eskaric light that cripples their body or silences their senses, it will perhaps seem worthwhile... Of course, looking to the night sky as the shooting star your patron rides flashes by, you may think of something even more exciting to achieve than diagnosing anatomical weaknesses.

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