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There is more to Order than you know.

There is more to Chaos than you fear.

The Serpent gnaws upon the roots of the Tree of Life. The sap it bleeds might have been Truth, but now is so much resin to coat the scales of that hungry one. Jörmungandr, Apophis, call it what you will -- there are those who can see what it is doing. Those who will fight it.

It is everywhere; we must be everywhere. It eats the truth; we must hold our secrets close. It drinks memories; we must not forget.

It is many-coloured. We wear only black.

We have allies: Ganesha, the Opener of Ways. Janus, of Beginnings and Endings. Ma'at, whose feathers hold Truth. The splintered remnants of Formax, the Crystal Tree; Akasha, the Rememberer; the sentinels of Echelos.

With these we deal as equals. We serve only Order.

We have enemies: Fear. Ignorance. Entropy. And the demons who wield these.

We deal with these as rebellious children. We serve only Order.


hahahah. fools and more should you listen to these lies. their fear hardens their hearts and they themselves extinguish the memories they claim to protect, if they're inconvenient. they speak in riddles and half-truths and just listen to who they 'ally with' (do you really a god accepts mortals as 'allies'?) -- the god of thieves, the two-faced god, the goddess who could not save even her own compatriots. a broken rock who could not even accept itself -- do you know the secret of the Kazar? they say it attacked formax, but this is not true.

power is in the using. take the mantle, but /find Me./ i will show you the truth -- the truth they hide.

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