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Armour Sets are groups of magic armour that provide additional benefits when worn together. The only currently implemented set is the Millenarian Armour. The developer Tenjin the Artificer is working on more.

Armour Sets are always very high quality. Millenarian armour, for instance is always exquisite.


Millenarian Armour

This is a right greave made of silvery steel. The quality of its craftsmanship is exquisite. Embossed upon the center of it is the insignia of the Millenariani, the imperial guard of the Altrian Empire, a broad letter M between a pair of fluted columns. You recognize this as a piece of Millenarian Armour, the heavily enchanted protective gear forged solely for the Millenariani. When worn together, pieces of Millenarian armour suffuse the wearer with powerful defensive energies. It is said that these magicks were crafted to reward faithfulness and loyalty among the Millenarian Guard. It is permeated by an auroric radiance. You estimate its value at about three thousand four hundred gold.

Set Bonuses

2 pieces:

As you wear your Millenarian banded right greave, the insignias on it and your plate start glowing.

You feel subtle energies begin enhancing your defensive skills.

  +30 to armour adaptation, dodge, tumbling, combat reflexes, steadiness, resilience

3 pieces:

As you wear your small Millenarian banded left greave, the insignias on it and your plate and greave start pulsing.

An overpowering sense of awareness comes over you.

  Situational Awareness

4 pieces: none

5 pieces:

As you don your small Millenarian banded left bracer, the insignias on it and your plate, pair of greaves, and bracer flare up fiercely.

After a moment the bright glow from the insignias subsides to form a faint aura around your plate,pair of greaves, and pair of bracers.

You feel a tremendous energy begin circulating through your body.

You feel a protective energy form around you.

You feel more dextrous.

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