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All Known Armour Types

All known armour types, circa 2009 September, can be found here. This lists below correlate the armour types to body slots.

Tested Types

Types marked with * can be made in separate pieces. Some types not marked might also be doable separately, but not yet tested.

List currently shows body sections as tested on a faerie (with firelizard pet), but do use imagination on how they fit on other races. For example, "halfsuit" created for the pet was fully usable on that pet, even though it doesn't have "arms" per se.

Normal Armor

helm			head
helmet			head
greathelm		head
cap			head
skullcap		head
hood			head
turban			head
coif			head
cowl			head
circlet			head
mask			head
crown			head
hat			head
bonnet			head
cornuthaum		head
coronet			head
diadem			head
domino mask		head
face-frame		head
headdress		head
miter			head
shoufa			head
set of combs		head
tiara			head
top hat			head
veil			head
wimple			head
monocle			head ("eye")
spectacles		head
eyeglasses		head
sunglasses		head
bifocals		head
goggles			head
shades			head

vest			chest
breastplate		chest
cuirass			chest
waistcoat		chest
bib			chest
brassiere		chest
corset			chest
trunkcase		chest				(aethoss stuff)
shirt			chest, arms ("upper body")
jacket			chest, arms ("upper body")
sweater			chest, arms ("upper body")
blouse			chest, arms ("upper body")
jerkin			chest, arms ("upper body")
tunic			chest, arms ("upper body")
hauberk			chest, arms, legs		(a.k.a. "armor", "armour")
halfsuit		chest, arms, legs
outfit			chest, arms, legs
dress			chest, arms, legs ("body")
gown			chest, arms, legs ("body")
jumper			chest, arms, legs ("body")
gi			chest, arms, legs ("body")
jumpsuit		chest, arms, legs ("body")
wrap			chest, arms, legs ("body")
bodysuit		chest, arms, hands, legs, feet ("body")
tuxedo			chest, arms, hands, legs, feet ("body")
body wrappings		chest, arms, hands, legs, feet
wrapping		head, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet ("body")
suit			head, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet ("body")
"armour"		head, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet ("body")	(skinned as "full suit"; name alias ambiguity here with hauberk's "armour")
covering		head, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet ("body")
apron			chest, legs
overalls		*chest, legs
byrnie			chest, legs
corselet		chest, legs
barrel			chest, legs ("chest")

pteratectum		"head, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet, wings"	(winged suit)
pteralorica		chest, legs, arms, wings			(winged hauberk)
barding			head, chest, arms, legs, tail			(tailed halfsuit with head!)
tailsuit		head, chest, arms, hands, legs, feet, tail	(tailed suit)
cotillon		?, tail
gathra			legs, tail
ragathra		chest?, arms?, legs, tail
athil quinar		head, chest, arms, hands, tail, wings		(nyloc's suit; wings+tail, but no legs/feet)
arthrostracis		(two chests, spider thing, "thorax and opisthosoma")
araneispis		head, two chests, 2 forelegs, 2 fore midlegs, 2 hind midlegs, 2 hindlegs (arachnid halfsuit?)
hlunthmok		Bezhuldaar full suit: head and 5 pairs of tentacles
carapace sheath		carapace, ?

[pair of] kote		*arms, hands
vambraces		*arms, hands
thigh boots		*legs, feet

bracers			*arms
armguards		*arms
sleeves			*arms
bandanna		arms
brassards		*arms
[pair of] sode		*arms
gloves			*hands
gauntlets		*hands
fingerless gloves	*hands
booties			*hands
mittens			*hand
greaves			*legs
leggings		*legs
sporran			legs ("waist")
pants			legs
trousers		legs
pantaloons		legs
kilt			legs
skirt			legs
underskirt		legs			(NOT over/underarmor!)
sarong			legs
breeches		legs
cueitl			legs
legwarmers		*legs
towel			legs ("waist")
boots			*feet
shoes			*feet
slippers		*feet
sandals			*feet
moccasins		*feet
snowshoes		*feet
[pair of] ski		*feet
clogs			*feet
socks			*feet
stockings		*feet
flippers		(*?)feet
slippers		*feet
ribbon			foot
horseshoe		foot			(can only be placed on hooves)
tressettes		*wings
tressards		(*?)wings
wingsheaths		*wings
bow			wing
tailsheath		tail
tailwarmer		tail

Over/under armor

Worn as a "layer" above or underneath the normal armors; these may not overlap with each other, but can overlap slots already covered with normal armors.

headband		head
blindfold		head			(blinds)
clasp			head
eyepatch		head
choker			head ("neck")
collar			head ("neck")
scarf			head ("neck")
amulet			head ("neck")
necklace		head ("neck")
rosary			head ("neck")
charm			head ("neck")
crucifix		head ("neck")
gorget			head ("neck")
locket			head ("neck")
medal			head ("neck")
medallion		head ("neck")
pectoral		head ("neck")
pendant			head ("neck")
periapt			head ("neck")
scapular		head ("neck")
torc			head ("neck")
runestone		head ("forehead")
brooch			head ("chest")
nose ring		head ("nose")
earring			head ("ear")
phylactery		head or arm or leg
scarab			head or arm or leg
fetish			head/arm/hand/leg/feet

bandolier		chest
cape			chest ("back")
cloak			chest ("body")
cheongsam		chest ("body")
robe			chest ("body")
tabard			chest ("body")
poncho			chest ("body")
huipil			chest ("body")
negligee		chest ("body")		(black bear fur negligee... sexeh?)
rags			chest ("body")
badge			chest
toga			chest, 1 arm
trenchcoat		chest, arms ("body")
overcoat		chest, arms ("body")
greatcoat		chest, arms ("body")
bikini			chest, legs ("chest and loins")
caparison		chest, legs ("body")

saddle			chest ("back")		(do not have to be a horse to wear it)

tassel			head, hand(s?), leg(s?), arms?, wing, tentacle, carapace

armbands		(*?)arms
shoulder pads		*arms (single "shoulder")
epaulets		*arms (single "shoulder")
chemise			arms ("shoulders")
pauldrons		*arms ("shoulders")
sari			arms ("shoulders")
shawl			arms ("shoulders")
shift			arms ("shoulders")
pin			arm ("shoulder")
nipple ring		arm ("nipple")
bracelet		hand ("wrist")		(note rings use this same slot)
ring			hand
link bracelet		hand
shackle(s)		(*?)hand		("shackles" was still weared only on one wrist)
garter			leg
chaps			*legs
legbands		*legs
sash			legs ("waist")
belt			legs ("waist")
boxers			legs ("loins")
shorts			legs ("loins")
panties			legs ("loins")
bikini bottom		legs ("loins")
loincloth		legs ("loins")
maxtli			legs ("loins")
breechclout		legs ("loins")
codpiece		legs ("loins")
girdle			legs ("midsection")
anklet			foot ("ankle")
backpack		chest ("back")
rucksack		arm ("shoulder")
quiver			arm ("shoulder")
holster			leg 

Not known

You know of no sort of armour or clothing called a ...

coat, bra(s), bag, thong(s), peignoir, nightgown, slip, petticoat, talisman, jhlethgdar, quulvucmor, kabuto, kimono, cestus, domaru, fascia, hakuto, manica, obi, ti, yoroi, piwafwi, soukougi, tentacle sheath

(Some of the above simply do not exist, but some might be "not known" simply due to lack of skills (armour lore) and/or other knowledge.)


Skin results from remains that have no natural armour class. It is quick to create armour from (around 13 seconds per suit) and has very small armour class (possibly none at all). It is very lightweight to wear.

Fur is obtained from the remains of furred creatures, and is similar to Skin in time required to create armour from. Some amount of protection from cold is likely, but not tested.

Feather is obtained from the remains of feathered creatures, and is similar to Skin in time required to create armour from.

Hide is tougher and results from remains that have moderate armour class of general type 'Hide'. Worth noting that Hide armor is acceptable for most Maidens of the Spear to wear without penalty.

Nauthpolg (gogtzul hide) and Aikeed (sandworm hide) are a couple of examples of hide obtained from certain races' remains, and may have special properties beyond simple armour class. It takes a moderate amount of time to fashion armour from (around 30 seconds per suit).

Scales is even tougher and results from remains that have high natural armour class of general type 'Scales'. It is slower to create armour from (around 45 seconds per suit).

Chitin results from insect or arachnoid remains that have high natural armour class. It is very slow to fashion armour from (around 180 seconds per suit). While it might provide high protection, currently chitin armour appears to be bugged and has extremely low durability, and tends to fall apart much more quickly. This has been reported as a bug and may be changed in the future.

Skined armours can be chaos/order infused, and generally this will reduce the weight as well as improve armour rating; in the case of chitin armours, it appears to make the result much tougher (possibly removing the Brittle property).

Biocrystal Array

This is an array of kacha columns.  This is a biocrystal array, a kind of symbiotic armour.  The array embeds itself in the wearer's flesh and draws on 
the magick in hir blood to protect hir and sustain itself; over time, it expands to cover more and more of the wearer's body.  The process of 
implanting the crystals is simple, if painful and even dangerous; once implanted, they require special procedures to remove.  It is permeated by a dim 
auroric radiance.  It is in perfect condition.  It is small in size, and looks
just about right to fit you.  It looks about sixteen dimins tall, about four and seventeen twentieths dimins wide, about one and three fifths dimins 
long, and less than a twentieth of a dimin thick.  It weighs about one and one hundred seventy-three two-hundred-fiftieths dekans.  You estimate that 
it is worth something upward of eight thousand gold.
Wear the biocrystal array to implant it.  It will resist removal once implanted.  The small kacha biocrystal array was created by Den; the source code 
was last updated Sat Apr 16 18:01:55 2011.  The epidermal armour type was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed Apr 27 01:13:55  
2011.  The material kacha was created by Chaos and Den and is maintained by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Thu Oct 29 15:22:34 2009.
After a moment, the knowledge that Real Kacha Biocrystal Array is composed of sixty-seven percent kacha and thirty-three percent dweomer drifts into  
your mind like a long-forgotten memory.
You wear Real Kacha Biocrystal Array embedded in your body.
Real Kacha Biocrystal Array embeds itself in your body.
The process is incredibly painful.
You are mutilated, and you are affected somewhat severely by the attack.
You cannot continue meditating because you have been injured.
You stop meditating.
You feel a bit groggy, coming out of your meditative state.
Your right arm is cleft through.
Your ocean blue pine wand is torn from your grasp.
The strange currents shaping your soul ebb and fade.
You drop your ocean blue pine wand.
Your tail of articulated ocean blue amber writhes and wavers.
Real large golden leather phylactery of the stars is torn from you.
You feel less spiritually elevated.
Your blue star morning glory is torn from your grasp.
Your tail of articulated ocean blue amber twitches, flickers, and dissolves into a cloud of ocean blue sparks that fade into the surrounding air.
You have been blinded.
The world goes silent.
Your body goes numb.
You feel sluggish.

According to Zak, a biocrystal array provides about 200 crystal affinity and resistance to cutting, possibly with other benefits.

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