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This form has the strange result of providing one with a magickal, prehensile tail. It is thought to be related to the spider monkeys that inhabit the forests of Hanoma, but this is speculative, as the actualization procedure for the form is figural and not biological in nature. The basis for the form is a spiral; the form itself is a symbolic blend of a number of concepts -- grasping, jointedness, control, and intelligibility -- all related to different senses of the term "articulation". The tail serves as a highly adept manipulator, as a respectable light source, and as a well of expressive energy. It will drain one's reserves of order energy so long as it is manifest. The manifestation can be released by the same process as it was actualized.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 40 points among

symbology skill and linguistics skill;

and one of the following

forestry skill of 40 or higher,
climbing skill of 20 or higher
metamorphosis skill of 5 or higher

Facility Formula

17.5% of intellect plus 12.5% of agility plus 30% of lexiturgy skill plus 5% of conjuration skill plus 5% of enchantment skill plus 12.5% of climbing skill plus 12.5% of forestry skill plus 5% of linguistics skill plus 5% of legerdemain skill

Facility Range

54 to 350

Energy Costs

40 spiritual and 10 order

Process to Actualize Form

visualize an articulated spiral


[OOC Elronuan] not changlogging this, but buffed aligned: articuation above 20% perfection, nerfed it below that
[OOC Elronuan] (aka its adroitness is being used now)
[OOC Elronuan] it was defaulting to the default partial adroitness rating of 20% instead of a standard 1.0 for hands.  now it scales with
perfection (it was inteded to scale with perfectin)
[OOC Xathanon] so out of curiosity, does high perfection in Articulation actually *do* anythinG?
[OOC Nilten] looks like no
[OOC Xathanon] fantastic
[OOC Nilten] oh wait i take it back
[OOC Nilten] it affects how many hp the limb gets and how much of a bump to various skills you get
[OOC Xathanon] huh. What does it buff?
[OOC Nilten] you can figure that one out :P
[OOC Xathanon rolls his eyes]
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