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    Show Ascendancy

    OOC Incarnos-Only Warbreaker Display
    Usage: show ascendancy

    Displays your current level of ascendancy, a measurement of your total ability to use the
powers of the Warbreakers.

Ascendancy is primarily based on the minimum between your experience (scaled somehow) and your power skills (averaged and out of 300).

It likely also depends upon your bloodline purity as referenced by the join dialogue and change#6719

Power skills seem to add to ascendancy rather than exist as a minimum. A human at level 70 with no additional specs in power skills beyond the initial bonus 2 was able to reach 81 ascendancy. They appeared to be behind another human who had invested power skills.

Complete Ascendancy Ability Progression
1 Retainer's Return, Starshadow Retrieval, Starshadow Smite, 1 energy capacity.
5 Starshadow Healing
10 Endurance Aptitude, Twisting Thrust
20 Subtlety Aptitude, 2 energy capacity
25 Blazing Cleave, Infiltration Aptitude
30 Resist Elements, 3 energy capacity
40 Starshadow Storm, 4 energy capacity
45 Alacritous Aptitude
50 Resist Mortality, 5 energy capacity
55 Starshadow Beam, Starshadow Fade
60 Resist Malevolence, 6 energy capacity
65 Starshadow Consecration, Air Superiority
70 Resist Sorcery, 7 energy capacity
75 Starshadow Surge
80 Starshadow Submission, 8 energy capacity
85 Lore Channeling
90 9 energy capacity
100 Arcane Flows, 10 energy capacity
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