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   General-Use Combat Display
   Usage: show attacks
   Shows the attacks you are currently able to use in combat, in ascending order of their activity cost.  Your attack sequence
   will normally consist an attack randomly selected from those you have enough activity for, then another, and so on.  If, in a
   given round, you run out of available attacks before you run out of activity, you will begin re-using previously used attacks,
   which reduces your effectiveness and slows down the attacks; see 'help speed' for more.
   See Also: speed, show suspended attacks, show potential attacks, stop attacking, start attacking

Attack Speeds

  • 1-5 - Extraordinarily Fast
  • 6-10 - Very Fast
  • 11-15 - Fast
  • 16-20 - Somewhat Fast
  • 21-25 - Somewhat Slow
  • 26-30 - Slow
  • 31-35 - Very Slow
  • 36-XX - Extraordinarily Slow
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