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This form results from alignment with word "aul", the Ularu word for "life". While the connection with the language and biology of elder beings of chaos casts this form into some disrepute, few go without using it, for it is immensely useful: it allows one to effortlessly swim and breathe underwater. The exact connection between speakers of Ularu and Hanoma remains mysterious.

One can only actualize this form while in or near water. The effects of this form last until one moves out of and away from water.

Knowledge Requirement

have at least 120 points among

elder lore skill and swimming skill


Ularu skill of 5 or higher

Facility Formula

15% of ego plus 15% of intellect plus 15% of enchantment skill plus 15% of lexiturgy skill plus 45% of symbology skill plus 5% of Ularu skill

Facility Range

68 to 350

Energy Costs

20 spiritual

Process to Actualize

subvocalize aul

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