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-- Hank's Garbage Thondur Help --
[ Button Name              :  Automated Collection                       ]
[ Button Description       :  Hands-free litter and garbage removal      ]
[ Button Color             :  Yellow                                     ]
[ Button Shape             :  Mechanical arm                             ]
[ Garbology Skill          :  Forty                                      ]
[ Ooze Affinity            :  Fifteen                                    ]
[ Energy Costs             :  fifty spiritual energy and five endurance  ]
[ Tokens Required          :  Increases Process Efficiency               ]

[ Button Information ]

[ Your portable litter disposal unit was designed to compact litter, and generally can hold quite a large quantity of litter before doing so. Hank recognizes that some adventurers who join him do so with good intentions but weak arms. This button was designed to overcome that irritant. Pressing the yellow button will activate several mechanical arms that seek out items around you and deposit them into your unit, even if your inventory is already full or cannot the litter yourself.This process requires various energies to function. Some of this energy comes directly from you. Your unit will channel your spiritual energies into a form that can be used effectively for this task. The remaining energies come from a unique processing of organic remains that occurs when they are inside your portable litter disposal unit. This is the primary component for activation, so if the fuel reserves are dry, merely toss in a few decaying bits of organic matter (body parts, let's just get that out of the way) and it will be ready. This process is complicated and requires a short duration between each activation to recharge. A professional Garbage Thondur should be quite adept at carrying heavy objects, so it's usage is rarely required. ]

Hank's Garbage Thondur

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