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"Ia Azathoth, ad'neh uulam bl'geth zaa, klthoth ylthnagh g'gyaa, gr'vyelth daug'lth! Ia, k'zrul Azathoth, z'relg ikdal zaktaldat!"

[ Type                   : ] lloigor
[ Portfolio              : ] power
[ Disposition            : ] mindless but dangerously violent
[ Offerings Desired      : ] enchanted objects
[ Spirit Point Cost      : ] none
[ Requirements to Invoke : ] worships Azathoth, elder lore skill of 10 or higher
  or has been in the presence of Azathoth
[ General Information    : ] Azathoth is most often invoked by the ELF as a source
  of raw magickal power.  When your energy reserves are depleted, call on Azathoth --
  not too often, of course, or it might decide to drop in for a visit.  Called upon
  in combat by an invoker already replete with spiritual energy, Azathoth can be
  induced to lash out across the planes at one's opponents.
A flow of energy begins... and then grows, and grows, and grows, beyond any comprehension.
With a sound like a massive thunderclap, Azathoth appears.

  Azathoth is here.  There is a fresh fish corpse and a decayed barracuda corpse here.
  This is a gigantic, constantly contorting mass of half-matter, half-energy protoplasmic fluid,  
  with long pseudopods that whip about with incredible violence.  You recognize it as Azathoth, the
  blind idiot thing whose senseless writhings alter the course of stars, called by some the
  true ruler of the universe.  It appears to be composed of an intense, vibrant shimmering 
  radiance.  It is permeated by an intense, vibrant sparkling light.  It looks about one thousand 
  six hundred dimins across.  It is in good shape.
Its limbs are named upper pseudopod, right pseudopod, central mass, left pseudopod and lower 
pseudopod.  Azathoth was created by Chaos; the source code was last updated Thu Aug 21 16:20:57 
2008.  The lloigor race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Wed Aug 13 11:
44:14 2008.
[OOC Twilight] "| central mass     2  func 299839.5 299839.5  -1  21  22 80990.3 0.0           |"
[OOC Phalanx] "for 700k xp"
[OOC Twilight] "yeah that's a bug"
[OOC Twilight] "size nonsense"

Spoiler warning: information below includes details, such as solutions to puzzles or quest procedures, that you may prefer to discover on your own.

Leolla sneeks in to say!

Azathoth's return on spiritual energy is not great. Think "emergency" or "use with infrequent/caution" as you are warned -- as his nastiness is quite nasty!

End of spoiler information.
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