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  • Location: Losthaven
  • Occupation: Shopkeeper
  • Look
  This is a broad, tall male human with a well-kept head of gray-streaked black hair, brown skin, and hazel eyes that look friendly 
  while retaining a hint of wariness.  You recognize him as Baldwin Amphegere, owner and operator of a combination general store and 
  pawnshop that enjoys particular popularity with Losthaven's adventuring citizens.  He looks about eighteen and a half dimins tall, 
  five and three quarters dimins wide and one and nine twentieths dimins long.  He is in good shape.  He wears a linen tabard over 
  his body, a pair of blue silk pantaloons on his legs and a cotton shirt on his upper body.
  • Info
  His limbs are named head, chest, right arm, left arm, right hand, left hand, right leg, left leg, right foot and left foot.  
  Baldwin was created by Almior, Bectile, Crylos, Gara, Chaos and Bannor; the source code was last updated Wed Dec 31 20:44:53 2008.  
  The human race was created by Lost Souls; the source code was last updated Sun Feb 08 18:53:51 2009.
  • Notes
  The most Baldwin will pay for an item seems to be 1000 gold.
  Languages spoken: Anglic, Dasazk, Dethek, Sperethiel.
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